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    13 Things You Missed In Local Newspapers This Week

    From profane parrots to penis-flashing bakery buffoons, local newspapers are the gift to the nation that keeps on giving.

    1. Pie-lovers at a late night Arbroath bakery got an unexpected treat.

    It was quite a scene, according to The Courier:

    "He took out his genitalia from his underwear and continued to dance around at the window. At one stage he took his penis in his hand and shook it around."

    The culprit was found hiding behind a wheelie bin and later fined £400.

    2. Manchester folk had better be careful when out and about.

    3. And it's tough to be a single Jewish man apparently.

    4. This Portuguese local newspaper, Diario as Beiras, chose an interesting headline for an article on the use of foreign languages.

    5. Unfortunate headline/picture juxtaposition of the week goes to the Herts Advertiser.

    6. Dover Express readers really were in for a treat.

    7. This fire station was hit by both fire and irony.

    8. You have to commend the efforts of newspapers to set the facts straight.

    9. Regional police budget cuts are starting to bite on Humberside.

    10. The gentle world of Yorkshire tea shops aren't safe from danger.

    11. Meanwhile, it's kicking off in Narbeth and Whitland.

    12. A ceremony to reward pubs and nightclubs for preventing violence ended in... violence.

    The Wigan Evening Post reports:

    "Police and an ambulance had to be called to the DW Stadium when violence erupted in its precincts after the end of the night. Witnesses say that punches were mainly thrown by staff from two licensed premises who had been sitting on separate tables during the evening."

    13. And finally, this seemingly mundane Peterborough Standard article from 1980 has been described as 'news jazz'.