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Brian Scalabrine Is The Most Memeable Player In The NBA

Meet the White Mamba ...

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Lisa Poole / AP

We are all familiar with Crying MJ, Lebron's hairline, and the oft-injured Derrick Rose as popular NBA memes, but let me introduce to you what might be the most memed athlete in the history of sport, Brian Scalabrine.

The man, the legend, the meme

An NBA Champ with the Boston Celtics and a former All-American while at Universty of Souther California, Scalabrine was no scrub on the court, but you wouldn't know that by fan memes.

What makes the White Mamba so memebale? Is it his seemingly unathletic frame? His awkward movements? His tufts of red hair? No one really knows. Statistically, Scal was far from the worst and he showed glimpses of brilliance on the court though some might argue most of his career was spent on the bench.

***Low Key Jig Alert*** / Via

Regardless of the savage nature of NBA fans, it's nice to see something different. In an age where athletes are expected to be uber-alphas, it's nice to see a quirky ginger shake up expectations now-and-then. The White Mamba's career on the court has come to an end, but the memes keep coming. Scalabrine is now an analyst and commentator for the Boston Celtics.

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