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15 Times Grant Gustin Was Just Too Damn Cool

We all need to be a little more Gustin.

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Surely you know Grant Gustin: Singer, actor, and TV's The Flash. He also played a ~nasty~ kid on Glee.


As Barry Allen (The Flash), Gustin is doing an incredible job, but as himself, he's SO. DAMN. COOL.

The CW

1. Like this time he suited up with Supergirl Melissa Benoist and hung out with their boss, Greg Berlanti for Variety mag.

2. When he had a staring contest with one of his dogs while paying homage to another great superhero.

3. When he met a little Flash and probably gave him advice for being a superhero.

4. When he showed his support for Emma Watson after her incredible UN speech.

Emma Watson's UN speech on gender equality is amazing & inspiring.

5. When he met up with fellow CW star Stephen Amell to chill on a rooftop. Professionally, of course.

6. When he was self-deprecating and made us like him even more. Who doesn't love humor?

7. When he chose to wear (part of) his Flash suit for his birthday.

8. When he felt the love for his Glee co-star and buddy Chris Colfer.

“@melraz81: @grantgust Grant, you are flirting with @chriscolfer can't you be more obvious?” Totally.

9. When he did this random vintage photoshoot with his Flash chum, Danielle Panabaker.

10. When he did this for The Flash and was just ridiculously awesome.

11. When he chilled with the Black Canary and the Arrow, as one does.

12. When he posted this video.

No words.

13. When he took his love of Superman to the next level.

14. When he took a moment to get excited for The LEGO Movie.

15. And when he posed with his own super-suit and made us jealous of his day-to-day life.

Don't ever stop being your iconic self, Grant.


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