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The Different Styles Of Wedding Photography

Many young students of photography and image have a negative connotation wedding photography, while considers it a little creative field .A crass mistake we make many of us until we make a wedding: Grasping the ideal time to deal with those families that have SLRs more photographers are considered you or just know reflect the romanticism of that day are things that no one tell us and we discover gradually at every wedding we photographed.

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I will not do an ode to the wedding photographer. In this article I will focus on only define the different styles that exist when immortalize the moment more special of a couple, to show that wedding photography is much more creative than people imagine.

Traditional Photography

The image that opens the post belongs to traditional photography, that everyone relates typical perched : the perched grooms with parents, with friends, other relatives, etc. However this style of photography is not limited to posed, but also covers the ceremony and banquet .

It is an arduous task for the photographer while is to control and direct all events of the event. That is, it will have an active participation in the organization of the wedding to follow the list of the necessary shots to cover the event. Therefore also it features one or two assistants to help you assemble the necessary lighting equipment and manage the program to take photographs.

Photojournalism or Documentary

We could say that in this style of photographs photographer merely observe and document the events that occur without interfering at all in them, without having control over the wedding. Therefore it is necessary that the catches are quick to not lose any important detail of what happens.

However for this photographic style it is necessary that family, friends and boyfriends themselves are aware of the photographer to not block his job, a fact increasingly complex because of the multiple cameras that can be in a wedding.

Wedding Pohotography Stylish Fashion

As indicated by the name this style of photography is based and inspired byfashion magazines . That is, there perching but not the typical posados that we would in a traditional story, but are somewhat dramatized and are well studied. In this style of wedding photographs they are very important stage and the small details of the wedding, and play with lighting and focus, angle shots and framings when making the images.

In the fashion style or "fashion" photographer can interfere during the event to guide the couple poses. However, there will be free traditional photographer, so many times, like the ceremony itself, you will have a more documentary style. This style of wedding photography is used at the request of the couple as they usually involve the work of a large team of assistants and photographers.

On the other hand, it is pertinent to mention that this style of photography allows you to work both outside and study when performing the poses of the couple. So considering this aspect of fashion photography at weddings I would argue that it is the ideal place for pre and post wedding pictures, and thereby complete the photographic reportage.

Artistic Photography

In this style of images the importance lies in the way the photographer sees the wedding . That is, creativity is not so much the events or the pose of the couple, but resides in as the photographer makes use of artistic angles of approach,originality when framing and creative use that gives the lighting. It must be said that this style of photography are made taking into account the post production, because the use of tools image retouching is one of the main features of this style photographs.

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