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    • patrickd30

      I’ve figured out #6,Ibelieve. They are notable records for Rangers’ players: Most HRs in Rangers history=372 (Juan Gonzalez).
      Career Strikeouts by Nolan Ryan=5,714 (MLB Record)…it getsalittle awkward here: Rafael Palmeiro had 1,692 hits (according to MLB) asaTexas Ranger. That’s4away from the number on the seat. Michael Young has played in the most Games asaTexas Ranger, 1,823. But Young is still an active player. He no longer plays for the Rangers, so that record is true, however he probably set it his last game last year and the stadium was built over ten years ago. So depending on if they update that plaque or something. Anyway, that’s my guess. Feel free to fact check me.§ionType=sp&playerType=ALL&statType=hitting&season=2013&season_type=ALL&game_type=’R’&elem=%5Bobject+Object%5D&tab_level=child&click_text=Sortable+Player+hitting&league_code=’MLB’&page=1&ts=1373037189886&sortOrder=’desc’&extended=0&position=&team_id=140

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