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18 Kiwi Films That Need To Be Made Right Now

It's a world of opportunity!

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It's no secret New Zealand makes great films.

Transmission Films

But the recent hashtag #KiwiFilms has proven that there is a lot more films that the New Zealand film industry needs to produce. Here are a few of the best:

6. This film that follows young rapper/princess Scribe as he learns to rule the kingdom of New Zealand.

7. This tale about a rapper fighting for the freedom to distribute his mixtapes as he pleases.

11. This film that warns you what happens when you get a sugar high from Pineapple Lumps.

12. This political drama that follows the estranged son of prime minister John Key.

13. This romantic comedy about people who just can't stop running into each other.

14. This thriller that follows a desperate man who will do whatever it takes to save his hardware business.

15. This comedy about a couple who take in their struggling journalist friend, and madness ensues!

16. This coming of age story that follows a girl on a quest to build the largest jandal collection in the country.

18. And this Kiwi translation of everyone's favourite Christmas feel-good movie.

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