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    29 Of The Realest Tumblr Posts About Rowing

    Are you shOAR you can handle it?

    1. On regattas:

    2. On coxswains:

    3. And their dating patterns:

    4. No, seriously:

    5. And their opinions:

    6. On rivals:

    7. And how much they suck:

    8. On life outside of rowing:

    9. On the busy schedule:

    10. And on the reality:

    11. On the struggles:

    12. On the pain:

    13. And on the pain that makes you forget about all the other pain:

    14. On the social aspects:

    15. On novices:

    16. On their innocence:

    17. And their ability:

    18. Or their lack of ability:

    19. And on them threatening your position:

    20. On fucking up:

    21. Really bad:

    22. On crabs:

    23. And on other people fucking up:

    24. On technique:

    25. On training:

    26. On non-rowers:

    27. And their ignorance:

    28. On defeat:

    29. And on reaching your goals:

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