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27 Of The Most New Zealand Things To Ever Happen

It's a ~special~ place.

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1. This Auckland bar and its terrible dad jokes:

Dylan Milos / Via Twitter: @wowmilos

2. This example of devoted parenting:

3. This gif of our Prime Minister failing at basic DIY:


4. This courier:

5. This thread on Reddit:

6. This bunch of mates:

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... and Dave.

7. This Air New Zealand flight:


8. This small victory:

9. This common occurence:


10. This interpretive parking:

11. This intense discussion of tunnel-honking etiquette:

12. This awesome display of the kiwi "can do" attitude:


13. This meme:

14. This kick-ass kiwi:


15. This creative signage:

17. This flag:


18. This hardcore detective work:

True Detective could NEVER.

20. This aggressive address:

21. This creative mode of transport:

23. This art:

24. This wizard walkabout:

25. This classic #ThrowBackThursday:

26. This ol' pastime:

Cruxius has got the right idea.

Cruxius has got the right idea.

27. ... and of course this iconic video:

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"Safer communities together."