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    This Guy's Tinder Profile Is Next Level

    Netflix and KILLIN IT!

    This is Vincent Powell.

    Vincent Powell

    And this is his latest Tinder picture: a literal representation of the classic pastime, Netflix and chill. After uploading the picture on Reddit, it has since gone viral.

    Powell told BuzzFeed that he made the picture in an attempt to put the focus on his humour, rather than his looks.

    Vincent Powell

    "I'm 5'6, middle-class, and obviously a black male. According to most market research the cards are stacked against me. I realised that I could overcome many of my physical disadvantages with humour, so all my profiles are built to make the ladies laugh."

    This isn't the first time Vincent's Tinder profile has been the topic of conversation on the internet.

    Vincent Powell

    Earlier this year, Powell's profile was made viral due to the above image, and he has become known on Tinder through Reddit and Imgur.

    Nailing it!

    Netflix / Via Giphy

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