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    Caption This Photo Of A Giant Rugby Player Shaking A Prime Minister's Hand

    It's still better than that three-way handshake from the last world cup.

    A photo has been released of New Zealand Prime Minister John Key shaking the hand of All Black Sam Whitelock after this weekend Rugby World Cup semi final.

    Phil Walter / Getty Images

    Why is John Key so tiny?!

    Twitter has since grabbed the image and started to have a laugh.

    john key: "well done mr all black" whitelock: "thank you tiny child human"

    And everyone is loving it!

    Sam Whitelock: I'm coming over. Girlfriend: But my dad is home. Dad: No it's okay I'll leave. @AllBlacks #RWC2015

    However, everyone has been making the same joke.

    Wow! If ever there was a photo that made John Key look like a hobbit then this is it! #RWC2015 #PicFromStuffNZ

    And we want more than just Hobbit jokes.

    #NZL taking the Lord of the Rings theme a Leader too far! #RSAvNZL #RWC2015 Reminder: @Colgo

    Have a go at captioning the photo yourself!