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    18 Things You Only Know If You Grew Up In The Wairarapa

    "But I don't want another pet lamb!"

    1. You had sheep and lambs at school.

    2. But you also had them at home...

    3. Holiday activities included docking the lambs.

    4. If it wasn't docking season, you'd always end up being an extra pair of hands in the shearing shed.

    5. Phone coverage and internet were never a constant.

    6. The school bus would stop at the end of your driveway.

    7. But your driveway was a solid 20 minute walk anyway.

    8. Learning to shoot was a very important childhood skill.

    9. It would be weird to not get your first slug gun for your 10th birthday.

    10. Camping meant driving down the road to a different farm.

    11. If you were lucky you were able to drive your quad bike there.

    12. This was the peak of art in Castlepoint.

    13. You loved the weekend of Toast Martinborough.

    14. Hot air balloons were a BIG thing.

    15. No, really!

    16. A visit from any politician was unusual, and therefore a large event.

    17. You never went there, but the Stonehenge was a big deal for some reason.

    18. And floods...

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