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    18 Things You Only Know If You Grew Up In The Wairarapa

    "But I don't want another pet lamb!"

    1. You had sheep and lambs at school.

    Jason Oxenham / Getty Images

    2. But you also had them at home...

    Jason Oxenham / Getty Images

    These ones were just annoying because you had to look after them. The stressful exercise that is nursing a baby lamb should be cast upon no one.

    3. Holiday activities included docking the lambs.

    Phil Walter / Getty Images

    Never a fun job, considering how slippery they can be...

    4. If it wasn't docking season, you'd always end up being an extra pair of hands in the shearing shed.

    Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

    5. Phone coverage and internet were never a constant.

    Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed / Szepy / Getty Images

    Talk about a baaaad connection.

    6. The school bus would stop at the end of your driveway.

    Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed / Flickr

    7. But your driveway was a solid 20 minute walk anyway.

    Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed / Flickr

    8. Learning to shoot was a very important childhood skill.

    Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed / Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images

    9. It would be weird to not get your first slug gun for your 10th birthday.

    Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed / Karen Bleier / AFP / Getty Images

    Unless you wanted a bow and arrow of course.

    10. Camping meant driving down the road to a different farm.

    Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed / Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

    It made it incredibly easy to go home and shower.

    11. If you were lucky you were able to drive your quad bike there.

    Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

    12. This was the peak of art in Castlepoint.

    Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed / Bruce Mckinlay / Flickr

    How did so many people lose shoes?

    13. You loved the weekend of Toast Martinborough.

    Brancott Estate / Via

    It meant a weekend without your parents.

    14. Hot air balloons were a BIG thing.

    Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

    15. No, really!

    Hagen Hopkins / Getty Images

    16. A visit from any politician was unusual, and therefore a large event.

    Dean Treml / AFP / Getty Images

    17. You never went there, but the Stonehenge was a big deal for some reason.

    Patrick Campbell / BuzzFeed / Flickr

    18. And floods...

    Marty Melville / Getty Images

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