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Why Are All These Star Trek Actors Yelling At Us?

What's the quickest way to make you give to a good cause? These actors are betting that it's to shame you with Shakespearean language.

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The Antaeus Theatre Company brings classical theatre to life in modern Los Angeles.

Antaeus Theatre Company / Via

But they're running out of elbow room in their current location, so they've started a Kickstarter campaign to get more space.

Antaeus Theatre Company / Via

They're trying to get folks to give with the #ShakespeareInsultChallenge. It's simple, really. Give to the Kickstarter, or Antaeus' classically-trained actors will insult you with big words, just like so:

Patrick Stewart has some beef with you.

Antaeus Theatre Company / Via

Captain Picard needs you to pony up.

Jonathan Frakes doesn't have time for your BS.

Please donate to @AntaeusTheatre & you'll be #1 (sorry...)

Brent Spiner's calling you on your manhood, yo!

Antaeus Theatre Company
Antaeus Theatre Company

When Data the android is saying you ain't a man, you know things are bad.

We're pretty sure Deanna Troi/Marina Sirtis is calling you a butt sniffer here.

Antaeus Theatre Company / Via

Linda Park from Star Trek: Enterprise is no fan of your kicks.

Antaeus Theatre Company / Via

Hold up. That's not really Shakespeare, is it? Whoa, it IS Shakespeare!

It's not just Star Trek people. Fred Willard stopped by to make his feelings about you known.

Antaeus Theatre Company / Via

Also, He-Man? With a selfie stick? Anyway, he doesn't care for you.

Actually, that's Matt Price from Men of a Certain Age. More like He-Men of a Certain Age, right?

You know you don't have to take this abuse, right? Check out Anateus' Kickstarter campaign to make it stop.

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