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    Here's A Presidential Sticker Book Just For Grown Ups

    Want to learn about the history of the executive branch while making penis jokes? Have we got a book for you!

    Remember those presidential sticker books that were around when you were a kid?

    Well, now there's one strictly for adults: The Presidential Dickerbook.

    WARNING: If you're not down to see NSFW images of phallic stickers over former leaders of the free world, stop reading.

    Oh look! It's the father of our country, George Washington!

    And here's his commander in chief:

    Here's James K. Polk, President during the Mexican-American war:

    And here he is celebrating his own private Cinco de Mayo:

    Oh hey, Teddy Roosevelt, nice to see you!

    Oh, and you're, um, teddy bear is here too. Great.

    Here's Slick Willie himself:

    And here's his slick willie:

    All the presidents' little men are on display in The Presidential Dickerbook, now available from Devastator Press.