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    • patricka4

      First, this is one of the most poorly written articlesIhave ever read. Neither the structure nor the prose is any good. Afterafirst read,Idid not know which figures in this story were on which side of the debate,Idid not understand the history of this meme, nor didIgetasense of what the author was trying to say about it. Also,Iam not sure to what the term “natural-beauty-concern-trollers” is referring. After looking up the information necessary for understanding this topic and then giving this articlea(very slow) second reading,Iwas able to understand the history and which side of the debate (the “shammers” or those who are against them) each posting was supposed to be on. IfIwere to guess at the author’s intended purpose,Iwould say that she is saying that girls and women are slower to recognize anti-female sexism coming from men than coming from women.  It seems like Cole Mohr’s original post was meant in good faith, but the responses by einsteinonacid and others are both hilarious and point out his perhaps unintended paternalism. (To be clear, this is no defense of Mohr;Ijust want to give him the benefit of the doubt). If the real issue at stake here is that some girls and women verbally abuse other girls and women based onaself-important, self-righteous idea that they know how to be properly feminine, the article should be explicit about that.  The thing is, it is an evolutionary mating strategy to publicly criticize and demean competition; “slut-shaming” is just one strategy female can use to gain status and marginalize competition (males doasimilar thing, i.e. the “bro” culture). This is not to say that the abuse is acceptable because it can really hurt the targets emotionally, psychologically, and possible physically. Ultimately, this debate over what is properly feminine-or more accurately, acceptably feminine-isasub-debate within feminist movements. It is difficult for one self-identifying feminist to say to another self-identifying feminist with different views about what is properly/acceptably feminine that they are notafeminist because they do not have the “correct” values.  While it seems like “slutty-ness” plays intoasexist patriarchal system that reduces women to objects, it also seems like there are more constructive ways for the women and girls who feel this way to express their concerns to others of the same gender/sex.

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