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17 Stages Of Falling In Love With Taylor Swift

It's a love story, Taylor.

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1. Like most romances, it starts off with dislike.

NBC / Via

Why does everyone love this girl? I just don't get it!

2. You hear and see her wherever you go.

E4 / Via

She's everywhere!

3. At first you are really annoyed.

NBC / Via

I am never, ever, ever going to get away from this song.

4. But slowly she starts to grow on you.

ABC / Via

She's not all that bad. I'm a Starbucks lover, I get it.

5. And then you have a hard day, and Taylor and her golden locks are there for you.

Fox / Via

Now I'm lying here on the cold hard couch and I have wine.

6. Your words and actions stop matching up.

Brain's Base / Via

~Denial~ is not just a river in Egypt my friend. *Buys 1989*

7. You try to hide your feelings but you can't, because you have a lot of them.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

I don't wanna hate, hate, hate anymore!

8. You decide to be honest with yourself and let Taylor take the wheel.

Big Machine / Via

9. You listen to her in the shower, in the car, and while you're shopping.

Olive Bridge Entertainment / Via

10. You regret not giving her a chance earlier.

Paramount Pictures / Via

11. You get excited when you realize that she likes the same things you do.


I totally minored in cats at college.

12. You are not-so-secretly jealous of her best friends.

Why does Lorde get to be the Jack to your Rose and not me?

Why does Lorde get to be the Jack to your Rose and not me?

13. But you love them too because they appreciate Taylor’s greatness.

Karlie knows what's up.
CBS / Via

Karlie knows what's up.

14. You tell all your friends about your new found adoration.

Guy Walks Into a Bar Productions / Via

15. And you are not having any Taylor hate circulating around you.

CBS / Via

You don't have to agree with my decisions but you best respect them!

16. You gush with fellow converts about the cool stuff she does.

17. You wear your love for Taylor proudly on your sleeve.

Comedy Central / Via

She's great and I like her. That's it.

Put your hands up for Lady Taylor of House Swift!


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