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    These Stunning Women Are Shutting Down A Ridiculous Beauty Double Standard

    Embrace your silver crown, queens!

    Riddle me this. If gray-haired men are called silver foxes, what does that make gray-haired women?

    For some reason (cough ~AGEISM~ cough), these beauties don’t get nearly as much praise as their silver fox counterparts.

    A male actor sprouts a silver strand, and BOOM! Peak DILF. But can we take a minute to also appreciate the women who rock their stunning platinum locks?

    It’s about damn time these beauties get the appreciation they deserve.

    Gray-haired women are the absolute epitome of elegance and sophistication, TBH.

    They are divine celestial beings.

    Goddesses, if we’re being specific.

    If you're sleeping on these gorgeous manes, you seriously need to wake TF up.

    Exhibit A: this salt and pepper queen and her sickening swoop bang.

    Exhibit B: this super glo'd up bombshell and her closely cropped coils.

    The jury has reached a verdict, and we find these platinum manes fierce!

    The moral of the story is this: Going gray is a totally natural and BEAUTIFUL part of life.

    Any questions???

    Didn't think so.