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    These Stunning Women Are Shutting Down A Ridiculous Beauty Double Standard

    Embrace your silver crown, queens!

    Riddle me this. If gray-haired men are called silver foxes, what does that make gray-haired women?

    @knitsewfabulous / Via

    For some reason (cough ~AGEISM~ cough), these beauties don’t get nearly as much praise as their silver fox counterparts.

    @chantelthehairartist / Via

    A male actor sprouts a silver strand, and BOOM! Peak DILF. But can we take a minute to also appreciate the women who rock their stunning platinum locks?

    @gmrb643 / @flyageless / Via

    It’s about damn time these beauties get the appreciation they deserve.

    @theglamtech / Via

    Gray-haired women are the absolute epitome of elegance and sophistication, TBH.

    Mali Magic / @naturalsilversista / Via Instagram: @kingmalimagic

    They are divine celestial beings.

    @knitsewfabulous / Via

    Goddesses, if we’re being specific.

    Shante Fagans / Via Instagram: @shantefagans

    If you're sleeping on these gorgeous manes, you seriously need to wake TF up.

    @sofistafunktheskirtco / Via

    Exhibit A: this salt and pepper queen and her sickening swoop bang.

    @oluchizelda / Via

    Exhibit B: this super glo'd up bombshell and her closely cropped coils.

    Shante Fagans / @ralamap / Via

    The jury has reached a verdict, and we find these platinum manes fierce!

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    The moral of the story is this: Going gray is a totally natural and BEAUTIFUL part of life.

    @drwells66 / Via

    Any questions???

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    Didn't think so.

    @vanitybydanit / Via Twitter: @curlkalon


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