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You've Probably Been Washing Your Face Wrong This Whole Time And Here's Why

Fight oil with oil!

Hi there! I'm Patrice, a beauty writer here at BuzzFeed. I started a 10-step Korean skin care regimen a few weeks ago and my skin has never felt or looked better! I meannnn, get into this radiant glow.

The complete routine takes mad long, about 10–15 minutes from start to finish. So if you're not tryna do all that because of time or coins, I recommend double cleansing at the very least.

First, you simply apply some oil cleanser to your face and massage it into your skin. Then you add some water to your face and massage it again so the cleanser can emulsify (aka turn milky). After that, you rinse it all off with warm water.

Next, you wash your face again, but this time with a water-based cleanser. Apply it, rinse it off, and you're done!

Long story short: Double cleansing makes my skin really happy, so I'm happy! I'm just mad I'm only learning about it now at 30 -_-

I figured that using oil to clean one's face might seem weird to some folks, especially those with oily skin. So I got the full breakdown on this practice from Diana Xiao, marketing manager at Soko Glam aka one of the largest online retailers for Korean beauty products.

"It really comes down to science," she told BuzzFeed. "Oil and water don't mix, so you need oil to attract other oil-based debris like sebum, makeup, SPF, and soot (aka pollutants). The water cleanser then removes any remaining impurities."