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    A New "Black Panther" Trailer Just Dropped And Twitter Has Absolutely Zero Chill

    "It's lit. PERIOD."

    So a new Black Panther trailer dropped today. And Twitter has died and gone to black heaven.

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    *Plays "Amazing Grace" on the church keyboard*

    The Marvel film hits theaters on Feb. 16, 2018, which is basically FIFTYLEVEN MILLION DAYS FROM NOW. So people are making due until then with those glorious 2 minutes and 18 seconds and this sickening poster.

    Bringing a brand new #BlackPanther poster to you 1st! We hit theaters Feb 16, but you can check out the new trailer…

    Twitter: @chadwickboseman / Via Twitter: @chadwickboseman

    1. And lemme tell you. People are EMO-SHUN-NULLLL!!!

    Me in my apartment after watching the new Black Panther trailer #BlackPanther #BlackPantherSoLIT

    Twitter: @KhaliaEvette / Via Twitter: @KhaliaEvette

    2. They weren't ready!

    me after watching the black panther trailer. I'm ready Marvel!!! #BlackPanther

    Twitter: @CourtZ022 / Via Twitter: @CourtZ022

    3. %^@#^%@$#&^%@#

    "Remember who you are." The Black Panther and Lion King parallel. Wow. #BlackPanther

    Twitter: @UrbanNoize2 / Via Twitter: @UrbanNoize2


    As incredible as the Black Panther trailer is, this might be my favorite moment. All love.

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    my comic book expert opinion on "black panther" is that i it like it when both the hero and the villain are hot, complicating the narrative

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    Black Panther has more black women than every mainstream comic book film combined.

    Twitter: @TheMikeTre / Via Twitter: @TheMikeTre

    "It's called intersectionality, Brenda! Look it up!"

    7. Some folks are already planning for this historic event.

    Twitter: @meechonmars / Via Twitter: @meechonmars

    8. They're picking out the proper refreshments.

    Me pulling up to the Black Panther premiere

    Twitter: @blackice392 / Via Twitter: @BlackIce392

    9. They're anticipating all the wigs that will be snatched.

    Which protective hairstyle am I gonna wear to go see Black Panther?

    Twitter: @fivefifths / Via Twitter: @fivefifths

    10. Ya know, the basics.

    a concept: me, running out of bras and knickers to throw at the screen while watching the black panther trailer

    Twitter: @bimadew / Via Twitter: @bimadew

    11. Why all the hype, you ask?

    "Whatever, #BlackPanther is just a--" "First of all, I'll knock out ALL of your teeth if you finish that sentence.…

    Twitter: @iamlaurenp / Via Twitter: @iamlaurenp

    12. Cuz Black Panther is history in the making.

    Blade Runner: The only cool people in the future are white dudes Black Panther: Hold my🍺

    Twitter: @iamxavier / Via Twitter: @iamxavier

    I mean, name another blockbuster film set in a prosperous African nation starring a black man superhero AND a bunch of badass black women superheroes AND a black superpower villain. I'll wait (and rewatch that clip of Michael Bae Jordan at 1:21)...

    13. BLACK history, to be specific.

    Black Panther trailer - LIT Comes out on Black History Month - LIT Movie theaters filled w Black ppl - BREATHTAKI…

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    14. And it's on track to leave the entire industry SHOOKETH!!!

    all other superheroes after seeing the Black Panther

    Twitter: @1942bs / Via Twitter: @1942bs

    15. Long story short, the people are ready.

    Me to Marvel after seeing the full Black Panther trailer:

    Twitter: @Travon / Via Twitter: @Travon

    IT ME. IT US.

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