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A New "Black Panther" Trailer Just Dropped And Twitter Has Absolutely Zero Chill

"It's lit. PERIOD."

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So a new Black Panther trailer dropped today. And Twitter has died and gone to black heaven.

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*Plays "Amazing Grace" on the church keyboard*

The Marvel film hits theaters on Feb. 16, 2018, which is basically FIFTYLEVEN MILLION DAYS FROM NOW. So people are making due until then with those glorious 2 minutes and 18 seconds and this sickening poster.

Bringing a brand new #BlackPanther poster to you 1st! We hit theaters Feb 16, but you can check out the new trailer…

1. And lemme tell you. People are EMO-SHUN-NULLLL!!!

Me in my apartment after watching the new Black Panther trailer #BlackPanther #BlackPantherSoLIT

2. They weren't ready!

me after watching the black panther trailer. I'm ready Marvel!!! #BlackPanther


3. %^@#^%@$#&^%@#

"Remember who you are." The Black Panther and Lion King parallel. Wow. #BlackPanther


As incredible as the Black Panther trailer is, this might be my favorite moment. All love.


my comic book expert opinion on "black panther" is that i it like it when both the hero and the villain are hot, complicating the narrative


Black Panther has more black women than every mainstream comic book film combined.

"It's called intersectionality, Brenda! Look it up!"


7. Some folks are already planning for this historic event.

8. They're picking out the proper refreshments.

Me pulling up to the Black Panther premiere

9. They're anticipating all the wigs that will be snatched.

Which protective hairstyle am I gonna wear to go see Black Panther?

10. Ya know, the basics.

a concept: me, running out of bras and knickers to throw at the screen while watching the black panther trailer


11. Why all the hype, you ask?

"Whatever, #BlackPanther is just a--" "First of all, I'll knock out ALL of your teeth if you finish that sentence.…

12. Cuz Black Panther is history in the making.

Blade Runner: The only cool people in the future are white dudes Black Panther: Hold my🍺

I mean, name another blockbuster film set in a prosperous African nation starring a black man superhero AND a bunch of badass black women superheroes AND a black superpower villain. I'll wait (and rewatch that clip of Michael Bae Jordan at 1:21)...

13. BLACK history, to be specific.

Black Panther trailer - LIT Comes out on Black History Month - LIT Movie theaters filled w Black ppl - BREATHTAKI…

14. And it's on track to leave the entire industry SHOOKETH!!!

all other superheroes after seeing the Black Panther

15. Long story short, the people are ready.

Me to Marvel after seeing the full Black Panther trailer: