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    Here's A Bunch Of Life-Changing Natural Hair Stories You Never Knew You Needed

    Get your Ph.D in poppin' curls and coils!!!

    1. For some super relatable advice on what you should know before going natural.

    Oxygen / Via

    Like understanding that it'll probably be hard as hell at first, but patience is key and you should never compare your natural journey to someone else's.

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    2. For faces that'll make everyone transitioning from relaxed to natural say "FACTS!!!"

    @dearnaturalista / Via Instagram: @dearnaturalista

    Like the "I'm transitioning, stop asking me questions about my damn hair" face.

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    3. For transformation pics and stories that'll motivate anyone who's been thinking about the big chop for a minute. / Via

    Like this beauty's bold as hell transformation: "I'm 23 years old and (until now) have worn locs since I was four years old, so they were a huge part of my identity...Then two months ago, I finally chopped them all off and it was the best decision I've ever made!"—nsangik

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    4. For some myth-busting advice on apple cider vinegar, coconut oil, and other natural products we swear by.

    Naptural85 / Via

    Like this surprising fact about co-washing: "Conditioners are not designed to clean. Generally speaking, most conditioners don't have the cleansing properties needed to efficiently clean your hair and scalp." — Gwen Jimmere, CEO and founder of Naturalicious

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    5. For super relatable struggles that'll make every naturalista go "UGH!"

    Disney / Via

    Like people asking you ridiculous questions and petting your hair.

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    6. For life-changing curly hair care tips from the celeb stylist who's slayed the coils of Lupita Nyong'o and Solange.

    BuzzFeed / Via

    Like how to enhance your natural curl pattern with product, refresh your next-day hair, and create polished finger twists.

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    7. For when you wanna rock a headwrap, but have absolutely no idea how to tie them.

    Taylor Miller/Jenny Chang for BuzzFeed / Via

    Like this seven-step style to rock with a TWA, protective style, or a silk press.

    Check out 8 Head Wrap Cheat Sheets If You Don't Know How To Tie Them for more.

    8. For when you're about that heat-free life, but also wanna stretch them curls.

    SimplyJade101 / Via

    9. For those beginner naturalistas who still wanna look fly, here are some really simple DIY protective styles.

    Kay Glamazon / Via

    Like this faux bun hawk.

    Check out 15 Easy Protective Styles You Can Do Even If You Suck At Hair for more.

    10. For fun hairstyles that'll get you through that awkward not too long/not too short phase.

    Monique Lewis / Via

    Like this bantu knot ~lewk~ that only requires a few inches of hair.

    Check out 17 Gorgeous Natural Hairstyles That Are Easy To Do On Short Hair for more.

    11. For those days when you're wondering if your hair will EVER reach its full 'fro potential (spoiler alert: yes, it will.)

    Instagram: @theabenalove / Via

    Like this beauty's two-year journey from picturesque TWA to glorious fluffy Afro.

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    12. For selfies that'll remind you that you're not alone in your #twistoutfails.

    Instagram: / Via

    Like this selfie, featuring a head full of curls that said we shall not be moved.

    Check out 20 Twist Out Fails That'll Make Every Natural Go "Me" for more.

    13. For absolutely gorgeous twist-out pics that'll inspire you to keep hope alive.

    Instagram: @brosiaaa / Via

    Like this vision board-worthy twist-out that makes us wanna fight the air, but also step up our game.

    Check out 17 Photos Of Impossibly Good Twist-Outs That Will Make You Believe In Sorcery for more.

    14. And for a quick refresher on why twist-outs are an optional natural hairstyle, and not a requirement.

    Instagram: @_tayloranise / Via

    Like beauty vlogger Taylor Anise's stunning selfie, which will probably make you say, "Twist-out for WHAT?!? For WHO?!?"

    Check out 19 Photos That Prove Natural Hair Doesn't Need Twist-Outs To Look Beautiful for more.

    15. For those times you simply gotta stunt your #blackgirlmagic on folks...

    Instagram: @westafricanbaby / Via

    Like this photo showcasing one of the coolest natural hair super powers: shrinkage!

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    16. ...Or remind them that cornrows are, and always have been, FUBU.

    Instagram: @eugenze / Via

    Like how we've mastered these perfect parts and laid edges.

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    17. And, finally, for people curious about other naturalistas' hair journeys.


    Like their number one reason for going natural and whether they'd ever chemically straighten their hair.

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