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Single Folks, This Is Probably The Best Way To Screen For Fuckboys

All ~daddies~ may apply...unless you got a wife, FWB, or baby mama drama.

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Most people would just change their Facebook status and call it a day. Not Arantza. Instead, the comedian/actress/writer and her #hypemangoals bestie created a ~daddy~ applications.

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"A daddy or a zaaady is much more than just a boyfriend or a bae," Arantza told BuzzFeed. "Your daddy wants you to win and see you shine! And you're always learning something from him, that's why he's your daddy. It has nothing to do with his age or finances (but a good income is a plus!) He's just always there to support, encourage, and challenge you to be your best."


The announcement was actually inspired by a guy Arantza was feeling, so she decided to make a real application form to weed out the unqualified prospects.

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"He wasn't making the appropriate moves, so I was talking to my friends, like 'Girl, I'M SINGLE!!! He needs to seize this muthafuckin' opportunity, da fuck?!'"

It didn't take long for potential daddies to shoot their shot on social media.

@arantzaofficial @A_lakda Holla at me 😂😂

"I've received over 500 daddy applications, which is taking my team (aka my bitches) a lot of time to review," Arantza told BuzzFeed.

Arantza Fahnbulleh

"I have no idea if these potential daddies are serious, but are they ever really serious??? That's why we do thorough background checks here at Arantza Inc."