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    Someone Call A Doctor, Because This Guy Just Got His Girlfriend A New Hair Salon And I'm Dead

    "Imma give you the world, I promise. Take over this game, girl."

    Khyree Sharif Townes is a talented barber from Atlanta. He's only 20 years old, but already owns his own beauty and barbershop, Cut Creaters Salons. His local clientele includes celebs like Rick Ross.

    Khyree is obviously a business boss, so when his 17-year-old girlfriend Maia also decided to pursue a career in hair, he surprised her with her very own beauty shop.

    Maia also took to Instagram to show off her glitzy new spot, Koca's Beauty Bar, which features neon purple lighting and lots and lots of glitter.

    http://@maia.aniya_ / Via

    "My FIRST nine chair shop and I couldn't do it without Khyree," she wrote. "You've pushed me and motivated me so much, no matter what anyone else said or what anyone else thought. You always had faith in me. You knew I could do it; you told me I would. When NO ONE was there, you were and you never gave up on me."

    In case you weren't already crying, here's a video of the power couple slaying TF outta some bundles...

    ...And another precious video of Khyree carefully clipping and laying his boo's frontal. *Hands you a Kleenex*


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