The Internet Wins Again After People Hilariously Reacted To This Photo Of Michelle Obama

    "Yasssss!" —Black women everywhere.

    There’s a running list of things black women would love to see happen in the very near future: a Destiny’s Child reunion, the end of all-day salon appointments, and one of our sheroes stuntin' on the world in her natural curls. Thanks to this recent tweet, that list has gotten one item shorter.

    This is the picuture I have been waiting on for like 3 years. COME ON NATURAL.

    Let's be clear. We're all for wearing your hair however you choose. But a black political powerhouse defying a very white America's beauty standard with a natural 'do is pretty badass.

    We're still not sure whether the photo is in fact real. But did that stop black women from celebrating? NOPE!

    FYI: Mrs. Obama's longtime hairstylist Johnny Wright did recently confirm with Refinery29 that she's been natural for the last seven years. So there's that! "I stopped doing her relaxer the first year of the administration," Wright said. "Very shortly after that, her hair grew out completely. She has no relaxer anywhere on her hair, not even on the tips."

    Some black women received their daily bread.

    While others threw up a praise hand...

    ...Or busted out their signature "I see you, girl!" dance move.

    You know the move.

    @meagnacarta She's living life and I'm all the way for it lol.

    Real tears were shed.

    Tears of joy, of course.

    And lives were legit saved. Albeit, at the loss of one's own follicles.

    Others weren't so lucky, tho...

    #RIP the slayage was just too much to handle.

    @meagnacarta There is nothing more to say! #FLOTUS for the WIN! #NaturalHair #ComeThrough #ThatSKIN

    But the general consensus among those living and dead? F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S.

    @meagnacarta 😍my lotus #flotus 🌸🌸 looking #flawless.F**k the haters.

    And in case you were ~still~ wondering why this photo put so much joy in the hearts of black women everywhere, here's your answer:

    That's the power of the first black FLOTUS, Michelle Lavaughn Robinson!