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This Guy Proposed To His Girlfriend At A "Black Panther" Showing And The Video's Got Me Like "Black Love FOREVAAAA!!!"

"I was so shocked that I couldn't form a thought and ran away!"

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Well Dane Johnson of Miami made some history of his own by proposing to his girlfriend Alexandra Trice right after they watched the flick last Sunday. / Via Alexandra Trice

According to Alexandra, Dane had suggested that they take a pic in front of the Black Panther poster. And, while her back was turned, Dane told her that he had to tie his shoe. Little did she know... / Via Instagram

"I turned to yell at him because it was 2AM, I had a headache, and I wanted to hurry up and get the pictures over with so we could go home," Alexandra told BuzzFeed. "When I turned to him, he had the ring out and he asked, 'Alexandra Trice, will you marry me?'"


Movies have played a major theme in the young couple's seven-year friendship and three-year relationship. "Every summer during our college breaks, we'd hang-out and our usual hang out spot was the movies," Alexandra explained. "We've pretty much seen every summer blockbuster film together since's even where we had our first kiss."

Alexandra Trice

"We're both black—I'm Jamaican-American, he's Belizean—and love Marvel movies, so we were super excited for a superhero movie where black people weren't being portrayed as magical negro sidekicks or comic relief," she added. "So to him, this was the best time to propose because it was kind of a full circle for our relationship, and meaningful for who we are as individuals becoming a couple."

BTW, this isn't the first proposal at a Black Panther showing, and it's probably not the last.

This lovely couple's engagement happened at the Alamo Drafthouse cinema in Brooklyn.