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    14 Simple And Helpful Appointment Tips That Beauty Professionals Swear By

    First of all, please relax your hands and feet... (H/T Reddit)

    A recent Reddit thread asked beauty professionals to share some tips on how to get the most out of your appointments. These are the helpful results:

    1. "If you're getting a manicure or pedicure, please relax your hands and feet and stop pulling them back towards you."

    2. "Let your stylist know if you have a tremendous amount of hair and/or really, really long hair."

    3. "If you plan on making a change to your service, make sure you tell your stylist before your appointment."


    5. "Be nice to the front desk."

    6. "BRING INSPIRATION PICTURES! The most stressful thing is when a client says, 'I don't know...I just want to look dramatic, but natural.'"

    7. "Tame your expectations. A lot of the amazing hair you see on Instagram usually requires six to eight hours straight. Or it's actually a weave or wig."

    8. "It’s okay to fall asleep during skin treatments. In fact, we enjoy it too. Talking all day is tough on us, so we don’t mind the odd hour of quiet. We'll just focus on your services."

    9. "You don't need to be modest or insecure during a wax. I've seen it all, so unless I notice something that may affect your health, I don't care."

    10. "For makeup services, please send me a picture of all the clients beforehand, whether that's one person or a group."

    11. "If you prep your skin beforehand, the makeup will look better and last longer."

    12. "Tell me if you’re allergic or sensitive to certain things, like whether you get irritated from a brand of lipstick or a particular foundation formula."

    13. "If you keep getting up, please don’t get annoyed that your makeup application is taking longer than planned. I can’t work on you if you're running around the room!"

    14. "When we ask you if like something, don’t lie. We won’t be offended. It’s just makeup, and we can change it to make you happy!"


    This post has been edited for length and clarity.