18 Stunning Photos That'll Make You Say "I Can't Believe That's A Wig!"

    These aren't your granny's wigs ppl.

    1. Someone please explain to me how these platinum strands aren't actually attached to this woman's follicles.

    2. ~Tapping my foot shook AF as I wait for answers~

    3. And after that imma need us to discuss the sorcery that is this hairline.

    4. Bb gurl's got that carefree glow cuz she knows her unit is the TRUTH.

    5. These clean parts + that top knot = unfuckwithable wig game.

    6. Chaka Khan glam or Cher chic? Just get you a wig that can do both.

    7. Meanwhile, this wig's over here like, "Three hour twisting session for what?!"

    8. Name a better way to rock a gray ombre color without damaging your own tresses. I'll wait.

    9. Does anyone know who made the first ever box braid wig? Because that person needs a medal of honor ASAP.

    10. I'm low-key mad at this perfect pixie wig. Like where were you when I got that hella impulsive Halle Berry cut in 2010?!

    11. You see this face? This is the face one makes when she's got maaad time on her hands cuz her hairstyle only took 30 seconds.

    12. Dear disrespectful winds, you tried it!!! Sincerely, this cutie's wig.

    13. Homegirl's beat is flawless so I wouldn't expect anything less from her unit.

    14. Now normally I'd say #bighairdontcare, but I do care very much cuz this natural wig is life.

    15. Come through perfectly tousled mane and gorgeous complexion!!!

    16. Do you think this beauty ever forgets to take off this ridiculously real-looking unit? Cuz I most definitely would.

    17. HOWWWWW?!?!?!?!

    18. So now I'll just leave you with some proof that wizards really do walk among us: