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    18 Stunning Photos That'll Make You Say "I Can't Believe That's A Wig!"

    These aren't your granny's wigs ppl.

    1. Someone please explain to me how these platinum strands aren't actually attached to this woman's follicles.

    @mary___ola / Via

    2. ~Tapping my foot shook AF as I wait for answers~

    @papachichistyle / Via

    3. And after that imma need us to discuss the sorcery that is this hairline.

    @lunafortun / Via

    4. Bb gurl's got that carefree glow cuz she knows her unit is the TRUTH.

    @rebeccarih / Via

    5. These clean parts + that top knot = unfuckwithable wig game.

    @kennysweetsthebarb / Via

    6. Chaka Khan glam or Cher chic? Just get you a wig that can do both.

    @muffinismylovers / Via

    7. Meanwhile, this wig's over here like, "Three hour twisting session for what?!"

    @annettebeauty / Via

    8. Name a better way to rock a gray ombre color without damaging your own tresses. I'll wait.

    @powderroomd / Via

    9. Does anyone know who made the first ever box braid wig? Because that person needs a medal of honor ASAP.

    @anneeliserealhair / Via

    10. I'm low-key mad at this perfect pixie wig. Like where were you when I got that hella impulsive Halle Berry cut in 2010?!

    @moniquecharles_ / Via

    11. You see this face? This is the face one makes when she's got maaad time on her hands cuz her hairstyle only took 30 seconds.

    @nnescorner / Via

    12. Dear disrespectful winds, you tried it!!! Sincerely, this cutie's wig.

    @kiitana / Via

    13. Homegirl's beat is flawless so I wouldn't expect anything less from her unit.

    @powderroomd / Via

    14. Now normally I'd say #bighairdontcare, but I do care very much cuz this natural wig is life.

    @gina_thewigwitch / Via

    15. Come through perfectly tousled mane and gorgeous complexion!!!

    @laur_elyse / Via

    16. Do you think this beauty ever forgets to take off this ridiculously real-looking unit? Cuz I most definitely would.

    @maggiemcdonaldmua / Via

    17. HOWWWWW?!?!?!?!

    @globymo / Via

    18. So now I'll just leave you with some proof that wizards really do walk among us: