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What's The Worst Thing You've Ever Experienced At A Black Hair Salon?


One of the oldest black girl rites of passage is getting your hair did at the salon.

WE tv / Via

And that's because the black hair salon is a magical place. With only a few tools and a gifted pair of hands, dreams are made and lives are truly changed.

But, for every amazing black salon experience, there are at least fifty-leven horror stories of savage antics that result in struggle tears.

Like that time your beautician went ahead and let it burn a little bit too long.

@_LynnChante / Via Twitter: @_LynnChante

Or how about when your stylist basically said "F*ck your weekend plans!!!"?

@all_williams / Via Twitter: @all_williams

Can you relate to this woman who claims her hair, her scalp, AND her wallet were disrespected during her appointment from hell? / Via

Same, girl. SAME.

Tell us all about your funniest, or saddest, salon horror story in the comment section below. We might use it in a future post on BuzzFeed.