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Share Your Worst Wax Horror Story Of All Time

"NEVER. AGAIN." - me, every single damn time.

Getting waxed SUCKS. End of story.

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But some waxing experiences are definitely worse than others, amirite?


Maybe you just wanted your brows cleaned but ended up getting robbed in the process.

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Maybe hair wasn't the only thing your aesthetician pulled out during your Brazilian wax.

Or maybe your cat-like reflexes ~kicked in~ at the wrong time.

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And let's not forget about DIY waxing, where the only person to blame for any and all fuck-ups is Y-O-U.

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So all that being said: what's your wildest, most cringeworthy waxing horror story? Tell us in the comments below, and your submission could be featured in a future As/Is post or video.

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