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17 Hairstyles That'll Make Black Girls Say "Yup, We DID That!"

Please do not touch the art work.

1. Let's count the many ways this style bangs: the secure swirls, the geometric parts, the precise braids, and the perfect accessories.

2. Bo Derek braids...who said that?! These are fulani braids, hunny.

And here's a side view cuz the detail's too sick.

3. *Covers ears* Y'all can't tell me these turquoise waves aren't moving!!!

4. When your barber and colorist prove that teamwork makes the dream work.

5. Black Jesus definitely hand carved this flawless 'fro.

6. Can we please talk about how locs upgrade any and every style? That includes bangs, buns...

7. ...And pigtails.

8. I mean, come on!!!

9. How can a weave go so damn hard and still look so damn soft?

10. But where is the "Do Not Touch" sign for this masterpiece???

11. Homegirl already knew we'd ask to see the back of this fresh cut.

12. "Oh so you want some fire curls? Say no more."

13. TFW you're sleep at work, but no one knows cuz hair is LAID.

14. Here's an idea! A Rapunzel remake starring these beauties. Just shout me out in your Oscar's speech and we're good.

15. This immaculate cut really deserves its own bodyguard tho.

16. Cornrows: upgrading ponytails and other basic styles since forever.

17. OK sis, you're clearly gucci, but who's gonna protect OUR eyes? Cuz the shine is very real.