A New Sephora Concept Store Just Opened And Makeup Shopping Will Never Be The Same

    It's all about YOU!

    Heyyy! I'm Patrice, a beauty writer here at BuzzFeed, and I just got back from visiting a brand spanking new Sephora concept store in Boston. Did they agree to my super reasonable request to move in? No. But, do I have some super fun deets to share with ya'll? YESSIR.

    The first thing I noticed? Everyone's fave beauty playground's been tricked out with a bunch of cool high-tech upgrades, like this handy dandy Moisture Meter that'll tell you exactly how hydrated (or dehydrated) your skin is.

    Complimentary mini facials for all cuz every masterpiece starts with a fresh canvas (and you can't spell Sephora without S-P-A...see what I did there?!)

    Next up was a quick scan from a very Mission Impossible-esque gadget to figure out one of life's greatest mysteries: what's your best foundation match?

    Once we decided on a ~lewk~ (punk princess smokey eye to go with my purple tutu!) he pulled up some more products in the Digital Makeover Guide. He did all of this without us having to walk all around the store, ya'll! Technology!!!

    Customized skin care? Check! Customized foundation match? Check! Customized Makeover? YASSS!!!

    Long story, short: Sephora is on its way to becoming The [Insert Your Name Here] Makeup Store and these digital, customer-first services are on their way to changing the beauty industry in a MAJOR way.

    Check out this video for BTS shots of my skin care consultation, my customized makeover and much more!

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