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18 Transformations That Prove You Too Can Get Better At Eye Makeup Even If You Suck At It

Practice really does make perfect tho!

1. This insane masterpiece.

@madeupshaheer / Via

"I saw my bb @charlesmakeup post a progress post and it made me want to post one too. I've worked very hard to be where I am with my makeup skills and I hope to progress even further by next year!!!" โ€”@madeupshaheer

2. This look that blossomed into a ~LEWK~.

@meliysabel / Via

"Honestly, it's all about practice. I can't emphasis this enough. It's all about trial and error, learning what works best. The top picture is me at 16/17. At the time I remember being so proud of that look ๐Ÿ˜… [...] So all I got to say is, if makeup is your passion, don't give up. ๐Ÿ’–" โ€”@meliysabel

3. And this unbelievable metamorphosis.

@samluvmua / Via

"I still have a lot of room to improve, but wow! Crazy what less than a year difference can make! This is with a lot of practice, dedication, and YouTube videos!! ๐Ÿ˜‚ I hope this inspires someone to never give up๐Ÿ’– and to always keep doing what you love and follow your dreams!!!" โ€”@samluvmua

4. This person who's on a whole new level.

@grotesquemakeup / Via

"Been loving these progress pix. So here is mine lol ๐Ÿ˜‹ . My eyebrows were so thin ๐Ÿ˜…." โ€”@grotesquemakeup

5. This person who discovered the power of pigment...

@charlesmakeup / Via

"My very first attempt at doing makeup versus today. Not much of a difference. Just invested in fake lashes and self tanner. But all jokes aside, looking at this, I'm so proud of myself and can't wait to see what my next year's progress will look like๐Ÿ’“." โ€”@charlesmakeup

6. ...And this person who discovered the power of blending.

@nicoleohare_beauty / Via

"Festival makeup. 2017 versus 2011. Everyone starts somewhere." โ€”@nicoleohare_beauty

7. This cat eye that reached its full potential.

@muaxenya / Via

"I thought I would post a progress pic since I've loved seeing everyone else's! Neither of these photos are edited (no facetune.)๐Ÿ’•" โ€”@muaxenya

8. This sultry, smokey come up.

@mollyarieanna / Via

"Glow up is real. Little 19-year-old me never saw herself as beautiful. She always just thought she was average. I wish I could tell her how gorgeous she was going to feel when she was older. Iโ€™m so glad Iโ€™ve found my confidence." โ€”@mollyarieanna

9. This sickening cut crease that's giving us glitter goals.

@robstermoore / Via

"Top one is exactly one year ago today ๐Ÿค I'll never stop practicing and exploring with makeup." โ€”@robstermoore

10. And this. You know what this is? GROWTH.

@ehb_makeup / Via

"The pictorial for my last look didnโ€™t turn out too good, so I thought Iโ€™d do a progress post๐Ÿ˜„. Super happy with how far Iโ€™ve come and cant wait to carry on and see what next year holds. Thank you so much for all your continued support." โ€”@ehb_makeup

11. This person who went to YouTube University and got a PhD in Slayage.

@harmonydoesmakeup / Via

"Practice makes perfect ๐Ÿ’…๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ’‹๐Ÿ’„. I used to literally be so shit at makeup, but after watching many YouTube vids and learning new skills, you get a lot better!!!" โ€”@harmonydoesmakeup

12. This person whose skills aged like fine wine.

@vxjk / Via

"So this is just some progress so far! Top left hand corner was when I was 19, I believe. First time I ever tried eyeshadow. As you can see it was a FAIL! Lol. Top right hand corner was the beginning of this year and so forth. [...] Iโ€™m still learning every day thereโ€™s something new that doesnโ€™t work, but thatโ€™s all apart of the process. ๐Ÿ–คPractice really is EVERYTHING!" โ€”@vxjk

13. And this person who went from great to "OKKURRRR GIRL!!!"

@nesadevi / Via

"I'm actually really proud of how far I've come though as well as the quality of my work and photos. [...] This is for those of you who keep telling me I'm gifted. It's not a gift really. It's just a lot of hard work and persistence. I'm proud of my growth and I'll keep growing." โ€”@nesadevi

14. This literal glow up.

@instabeautybyjess / Via

"My makeup progress in 1.5 years. #progress #glowup" โ€”@instabeautybyjess

15. This flawless color combo.

@irychaisson / Via

"Boy...#makeupglowup" โ€”@irychaisson

16. This look that'll give all eyeshadow-impaired folks real hope.

@makeupbyhayleyjoan / Via

"CAN WE ALL just take a SECOND and appreciate this makeup artistry GLO-UP? LOLOL. [...] I still have ways to go, but all you can do is continue to practice, practice, practice (which I do EVERY day) and ALWAYS be open to learning in order to perfect your craft!" โ€”@makeupbyhayleyjoan

17. This person whose long nights paid off frfr.

@muaanais / Via

"These two pictures are only months apart and it looks as if they were years apart. I spent nights doing up to four looks until I got it right. I was determined and thatโ€™s what got me here. I have a lot more practicing to do, but I hope this motivates you!" โ€”@muaanais

18. ...And this person who's on track to have the best cat eye of all time by 2020.

@the_fake_face / Via

"My #MakeupTransformation." โ€”@the_fake_face

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