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18 Transformations That Prove You Too Can Get Better At Eye Makeup Even If You Suck At It

Practice really does make perfect tho!

1. This insane masterpiece.

2. This look that blossomed into a ~LEWK~.

3. And this unbelievable metamorphosis.

4. This person who's on a whole new level.

5. This person who discovered the power of pigment...

6. ...And this person who discovered the power of blending.

7. This cat eye that reached its full potential.

8. This sultry, smokey come up.

9. This sickening cut crease that's giving us glitter goals.

10. And this. You know what this is? GROWTH.

11. This person who went to YouTube University and got a PhD in Slayage.

12. This person whose skills aged like fine wine.

13. And this person who went from great to "OKKURRRR GIRL!!!"

14. This literal glow up.

15. This flawless color combo.

16. This look that'll give all eyeshadow-impaired folks real hope.

17. This person whose long nights paid off frfr.

18. ...And this person who's on track to have the best cat eye of all time by 2020.

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