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    Pat McGrath's Makeup Company Is Worth More Than $1 Billion And People Wanna See Her Forbes Cover

    Beauty lover or not, you gotta respect this major money move!

    Pat McGrath is many things: a legendary makeup artist, an innovative businesswoman, and according to new reports, a self-made BILLIONAIRE.

    Her makeup company Pat McGrath Labs recently closed a $60 million deal with investment firm Eurazeo Brands, raising its valuation to more than $1 billion, WWD reports. That's groundbreaking considering Pat launched the company a mere two years ago, and self-funded it for the first year.

    People everywhere soon started celebrating McGrath and her peerless astronomical growth: "I'm so proud of this inspiring black business woman."

    @YungKundalini / Via Twitter: @YungKundalini

    "She deserves it!"

    @HailXtina / Via Twitter: @HailXtina

    Fellow legend Whoopi Goldberg even sent out a televised congrats, crowning her "the lady of color who's behind every great made-up face in any fashion show in the world." She and her View co-host Sunny Hostin also emphasized that Pat grew her company "from nothing"...

    "Her makeup, her line is absolutely incredible," Sunny added. "The pigments...there's a color for everyone. It's just really well done."

    ...A point which others made sure to bring up...

    @TheAffinityMag / Via Twitter: @TheAffinityMag

    ...In light of a recent controversial Forbes cover story, which hails a socialite-turned-beauty CEO as a soon-to-be "self-made" billionaire.

    @flyrebel / Via Twitter: @flyrebel

    The makeup mogul marked the occasion by posting a heartfelt letter addressed to her PM Labs team on Instagram. "Labs exists to break the mold, and you are why I do what I do," Pat wrote. "Thank you for your boundless self-expression and your divine passion to a new standard of beauty."

    Congrats to you, Pat!!! May your reign stay as unrivaled as your beats!!!

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