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    Artists Are Paying Tribute To Murdered Teen Nia Wilson Because Black Girls' And Women's Lives Matter, PERIOD

    Eighteen-year-old Nia Wilson was fatally stabbed by a stranger while traveling with her two sisters in Oakland, CA.

    Artists around the world are paying tribute to Nia Wilson, the 18-year-old teen who was fatally stabbed by a stranger—27-year-old John Lee Cowell—while traveling Oakland, California's BART train system last Sunday.

    Nia Wilson / Facebook / Via

    Lahtifa Wilson, Nia's 26-year-old sister, was also stabbed, hospitalized, and later released. “It was, in my close to 30 years of police experience, probably one of the most vicious attacks that I’ve seen,” BART Police Chief Carlos Rojas said, referring to surveillance video footage at a news conference on Monday.

    He also addressed discussions around whether Nia's murder was a "race-motivated" hate crime, given that Nia is black and John Lee Cowell is white, among other reasons: "I know there's been a lot of social media posts that this may be race-motivated, and I can tell you up to this point we do not have any information that suggests it is race-motivated," Roja said. "But we can't discount it at this time."

    Here are 50 artists whose powerful works mourn Nia's brutal death while also celebrating her life and uplifting her name:

    These images are all embedded so please allow some time for them to load.

    1. Artist: Vashti Harrison

    2. Artist: Yarminiah Rosa

    3. Artist: Kaylani Juanita

    4. Artist: Demont Pinder

    5. Artist: Julio Salgado

    6. Artist: EastSide Arts Alliance

    7. Artist: Kahiem Archer

    8. Artist: Ruben Guadalupe Marquez

    9. Artist: Steven Hargrove (Ode)

    10. Artist: Sarah Green

    11. Artist: Jay Pee

    12. Artist: Lisbeth Cheever-Gessaman

    13. Artist: Agostina Ele

    14. Artist: Mahealani Williams

    15. Art by onbeinginyourbody

    16. Artist: Vienna Rye

    17. Artist: Brooke Arynn Kelly

    18. Artist: Julian Lytle

    19. Artist: Anneke Hansen

    20. Artist: dimebagdarla

    21. Artist: Shannon Downey

    22. Artist: Sayuri K

    23. Artist: Saralynne.leo

    24. Artist: Molly Harvey

    25. Artist: Siobhan Williams

    26. Artist: Yasmin

    27. Artist: Jade Love Designs

    28. Artist: Tropix904

    29. Artist: Kiini

    30. Artist: Lauren Frances

    31. Artist: Cristal Gutiérrez

    32. Artist: Seikå Yamada

    33. Artist: Mandy Boose

    34. Artist: Corey Joseph

    35. Artist: Mariana Prutton

    36. Artist: Kerry Flett

    37. Artist: Anahata Katkin

    38. Artist: Lexi Johnson

    39. Artist: Eduardo justValadez Arenas

    40. Artist: Maria O VanFarmer

    41. Artist: Flordelbarrio

    42. Artist: Rachel Frankel

    43. Artist: Manuela Guillén

    44. Artist: Dayanita Ramesh

    45. Artist: Adrian Brandon

    46. Artist: Francis Mead

    47. Artist: Nadya Voynovskaya

    48. Artist: Artboy47

    49. Artist: Mahaq Tromboo

    50. Artist: Courtney Cerruti

    We will continue to add Nia Wilson dedication art to this roundup. If you'd like your work to be considered, please send your image to @AsIs on Instagram.