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    17 Before-And-After Pics That Prove You Look Like A Different Person With Braids

    New hair, who dis?

    1. This look that requires some green hair and hella confidence.

    2. This simple, yet stunning use of string.

    3. These adorable pigtails and those throwback bubbles.

    4. And this Poetic Justice serve.

    5. This easy, breezy, bleach-free transformation.

    6. These instant inches.

    7. This sweet lavender ombre.

    8. And these magical yarn braids.

    9. This complete and utter slayage.

    10. This 'round the way remix.

    11. This beautiful blunt cut lob.

    12. And this ultralight beam IRL.

    13. This snatched switch-up.

    14. This unapologetically black stunt.

    15. These tiny emerald strands.

    16. These juicy jumbo braids.

    17. And this shaved side situation.