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17 Before-And-After Pics That Prove You Look Like A Different Person With Braids

New hair, who dis?

1. This look that requires some green hair and hella confidence.

2. This simple, yet stunning use of string.

@kturakay / Via Instagram: @kturakay

3. These adorable pigtails and those throwback bubbles.

@joyjah / Via Instagram: @joyjah

4. And this Poetic Justice serve.

@makaylamashelle / Via Instagram: @makaylamashelle

5. This easy, breezy, bleach-free transformation.

@miryamlumpini / Via Instagram: @miryamlumpini

6. These instant inches.

@joynavon / Via Instagram: @joynavon

7. This sweet lavender ombre.

@yinkabokinni / Via Instagram: @yinkabokinni

8. And these magical yarn braids.

@tasselfairy / Via Instagram: @tasselfairy

9. This complete and utter slayage.

@__sumiyaa / Braids by @daikeara / Via

10. This 'round the way remix.

@itsbambii / Via Instagram: @itsbambii

11. This beautiful blunt cut lob.

@vanlenore / Via Instagram: @vanlenore

12. And this ultralight beam IRL.

@lightkeeperschild / photo by @ohboibk / Via

13. This snatched switch-up.

@sherrica.s / Via Instagram: @sherrica.s

14. This unapologetically black stunt.

15. These tiny emerald strands.

@crowezilla / Via Instagram: @crowezilla

16. These juicy jumbo braids.

@mztarabelle / Via Instagram: @mztarabelle

17. And this shaved side situation.

@auntyokaaay / Via Instagram: @auntyokaaay


Solange Knowles VEVO / Via
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