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This Little Girl's Genius Fake Nails Hack Proves That The Children Truly Are Our Future

"Okay wait...her lil shaping skills tho..."

What do you do when you want some press-on nails, but your mom says no? You grab some Play-Doh and you MAKE👏IT👏WORK👏!

I told my 10yr old she couldn’t have press-on nails so she made some out of clay.

That's exactly what Serafina's 10-year-old daughter did and now thousands of people are praising the young nail tech and celebrating her genius hack.

@madblackthot / Via Twitter: @madblackthot

Serafina told a Twitter user that she typically "practiced nail art" on her daughter so that she'd stop biting her nails. "This time around she wanted press-ons and I said no, Lol," Serafina wrote. And hence, this brilliant hack was born!

The ~flawless~ almond shape had folks SHOOOOOK...

@beauty_jackson / Via Twitter: @beauty_jackson

...As did her impeccable shade selection.

@queenloreen_ / Via Twitter: @queenloreen_

It wasn't long before they started asking the important questions: "She do fill ins?"

@CuddleSweet / Via Twitter: @CuddleSweet

"How much she charge?"

So my question to YOU is, are clay nails the new wave?

@MsLusciousLee / Via Twitter: @MsLusciousLee

Or are the rest of us just late to the Play-Doh mani party?

@imahappy_perso / Via Twitter: @imahappy_person

FYI Serafina says she plans on ordering some more supplies so her "Playdo Princess" can "perfect her craft." First order of business? Probably a waterproof line :)

Update : She said she should’ve made them waterproof for the park. 🤣


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