19 Incredible Photos That'll Motivate Anyone Who Struggles With Makeup, But Is Still Obsessed With It

    Who got the answers???

    1. Next time someone says "it's lit," please show them this pic. Her face is an ACTUAL flame, ya'll.

    2. I just wanna know how she got not one, but TWO perfect sunsets on her face.

    3. Please get into this bad romance beat. *Screenshots for Valentine's Day inspo*

    4. This glossy, multicolored masterpiece is serving all the elements: earth, water, air, and lots of fire ofc.

    5. My messy eye look says "Raised in woods by a family of raccoons." Her messy eye look says "Imma legit goddess who cries tears of pure gold."

    6. Face beat by Picasso or nah?

    7. Her look should be on everyone's vision board, cuz it's brow goals, smokey eye goals, lash goals, lipstick goals, contouring goals, and piercing goals.

    8. Do you believe in magic? Because that's the only reasonable explanation for this flawless creation.

    9. This bomb-ass beat's coming for everyone who said holographic makeup was cancelled.

    10. How could something look so carefree and careful at the same damn time? OBSESSED!!!

    11. *Currently praying for the patience, understanding, and strength it prolly took to create this tiny design*

    12. I can't even master a single cat-eye, but this gorgeous beat gives me hope!

    13. How does one acquire actual moonlight and then apply it to one's face? I dunno, but it's clearly possible.

    14. Her commitment to each and every lash is unmatchable.

    15. TFW you're badass AF, but also girly as hell.

    16. Excuse me, Disney??? I've got some ideas for Frozen 2, mainly this ice princess and her frosty beat.

    17. Making a wish on all these stars for makeup skillz like hers.

    18. You see that metallic and matte mashup? That purple and gold combo? This right here's a masterclass in mixing like a bawse.

    19. And this beat? Further proof that makeup is an actual art form.