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    Skai Jackson Stole Every Scene In Lil Nas X's New Music Video, And Now I Want Her Cast In Everything


    There's no way you don't know Lil Nas X. His viral hit "Old Town Road" is quite possibly the song of the century.

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    Well, he just dropped the music video for his latest single "Panini," and...let's just say we're not in Old Town Road anymore!

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    But, TBQH, I'm not here to talk about the fire futuristic theme or the tight choreography. I'm here to stan the real star of the video: Skai Jackson.

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    You might recognize the Disney Channel star from her roles on Jessie and Bunk'd. Or, maybe you just know her as the adorable girl from that hilarious, legs crossed meme:

    Him: I'm going out Her: I know that's why I got dressed

    I still haven't figured out what the video's supposed to ~mean~ (something about going viral online, perhaps?), but it's pretty clear that Lil Nas X and his holograms keep popping up in Skai's space...

    YouTube / Via

    ...and she's straight up OVER IT!

    YouTube / Via

    So much so that she jumps out of a frickin' plane.

    YouTube / Via

    Seeing as how Skai's a meme queen and all, Twitter got to work, busting out a bunch of hysterical reactions:

    No one Skai Jackson in Lil Nas X music video

    Lil Nas x: Hey p- Skai Jackson in the Uber:

    @LilNasX Skai Jackson when you hopped on the plane

    The two have already thanked each other for working together on this mindblowing visual.

    No, big thank you to YOU!! Thank you for having me be apart of this. LOVE YA!❤️

    And so, let me take the opportunity to thank BOTH of y'all for giving this young icon the spotlight she very much deserves. Now cast her in all the things, Hollywood!

    Disney Channel / Via

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