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    45 Touching Celebrity Tributes About "Boyz In The Hood" Hollywood Icon John Singleton Who Made Oscar History

    Spike Lee, Janet Jackson, Regina King, Mark Wahlberg, Ice Cube, Chance The Rapper, and more mourn the unexpected death of the prolific film titan.

    Hollywood icon John Singleton has died at 51 after being taken off of life support by his family earlier today.

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    His varied resume includes the recent Snowfall series and classic films like Poetic Justice, Higher Learning, Shaft, and Boyz in the Hood, for which the prolific director, writer, and producer became both the youngest person ever (at 24) and the first Black person nominated for an Academy Award for Best Director.

    Throughout his 28+ year career, John left an indelible mark on the entertainment industry worldwide, birthing films that not only provided rich, multidimensional representations of black lives, but also advanced new narratives and perspectives that continue to influence new generations of creatives of all backgrounds.

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    Here are touching tributes from dozens of actors, musicians, and filmmakers that attest to his lasting influence and impact:

    1. Spike Lee:

    2. Samuel L. Jackson, who starred in Shaft:

    Mourning the loss of a collaborator & True Friend John Singleton. He blazed the trail for many young film makers, always remaining true to who he was & where he came from!!! RIP Brother. Gone Way Too Soon!

    3. Janet Jackson, who starred in Poetic Justice:

    4. Gabrielle Union:

    5. Regina King, who starred in Boyz n the Hood, Poetic Justice, and Higher Learning:

    6. Tyrese, who starred in Baby Boy, 2 Fast 2 Furious, and Four Brothers:

    7. Angela Basset, who starred in Boyz in the Hood:

    8. Ava DuVernay:

    There aren’t many of us out here doing this. It’s a small tribe in the grand scheme of things. He was a giant among us. Kind. Committed. And immensely talented. His films broke ground. His films mattered. He will be missed. And long remembered. Thank you, John. #RunIntoHisArms

    9. Mark Wahlberg, who starred in Four Brothers:

    RIP to my dear friend and brother #JohnSingleton. 🙏💔

    10. Tyler Perry:

    I cannot believe this man is gone at such a young age. He was always encouraging, supportive, and gracious to me. I will be calling his and his family’s name in my prayers tonight. Heartbroken and shocked. May God add peace and rest to your ascending soul Mr. John Singleton.

    11. Ice Cube, who starred in Boyz in the Hood and Higher Learning:

    I was discovered by a master filmmaker by the name of John Singleton. He not only made me a movie star but made me a filmmaker. There are no words to express how sad I am to lose my brother, friend & mentor. He loved bring the black experience to the world. ..Us at Cannes ‘90

    12. Ludacris, who starred in 2 Fast 2 Furious:

    13. Iman, who starred in the "Remember the Time" music video:

    Saddened to learn that legendary director & pioneer John Singleton has passed away. My condolences to his family #RIP #JohnSingleton

    14. Taylor Lautner, who starred in Abduction:

    15. Morris Chestnut, who starred in Boyz in the Hood and Higher Learning:

    This is where it all started. The Genesis - The Genius - The Genre Maker/Star Maker.... (continued) #JohnSingleton #RIP

    16. Michael Rapaport, who starred in Poetic Justice and Higher Learning:

    God Bless this guy. John Singleton Damn. Such a nice guy.Talented guy.Generous Gave so many people there Big Breaks. What a nice loyal guy he was. #johnsingleton Literally gave me the opportunity of my career. Was so supportive t& was my biggest fan making Higher Learning

    17. Aldis Hodge:

    18. Halle Berry:

    #JohnSingleton was an innovator - he came with drive & a creative vision when people of color didn’t have the same visibility we do now. He will remain a beacon of light in our community, and today we celebrate his legacy. Rest well my friend, we’ve lost one of the good guys.❤️🙏🏽

    19. Jeffrey Wright, who starred in Shaft:

    Too too soon. We worked on one together that the people love. RIP, John.

    20. Nia Long, who starred in Boyz n the Hood:

    21. Method Man, who starred in Rebel:

    22. Michael B. Jordan:

    23. Omar Epps, who starred in Higher Learning:

    I can’t find the words right now 😪 All I can say is thank you brother! Thank you for sharing your immense gifts, having an unapologetically powerful voice, and standing for our people and our culture. I learned a lot from you. I salute you king! I pr…

    24. Omar Gooding, who starred in Baby Boy:

    25. Mykelti Williamson, who starred in Rebel:

    My heart aches. Another Great One, #JohnSingleton, gone much too soon. Thank you for the truth & love you gave us all. RIP my friend.

    27. Kristy Swanson, who starred in Higher Learning:

    This is unbelievably heartbreaking. John, to know you & work so close along side you was a great honor. I will always cherish the memories of Higher Learning. You gave so much of yourself in your words & vision my sweet friend. You will be very missed by all #RIP #JohnSingleton

    28. Jada Pinkett Smith:

    29. Chris Rock:

    30. Gina Prince-Bythewood:

    31. Julie Dash:

    #johnsingleton Needless to say we go way, way back... There are no words to convey the absolute loss and sadness I feel right now. John was there for his fellow filmmakers, always. All we had to do was look up and he would be there smiling and applauding our efforts.

    32. Kasi Lemmons:

    #johnsingleton was one of the first to cheer me on to make a feature after he saw my short. He was always there for all of us💔

    33. Debbie Allen:

    John, you have been the inspiration for millions. Rest In Peace my brother. We will always speak your name.💕Love you, Debbie #johnsingleton

    34. La La Anthony:

    35. Mila J:

    John Singleton, thank you for giving us ALL the classics!!! 😢 R.I.P.

    36. Octavia Spencer:

    37. Viola Davis:

    The best life is when we leave a trail. We leave something on this earth bigger than us. John inspired a generation of Artists. We will shoulder on....'May flights of angels sing thee to thy rest". RIP

    38. Regina Hall:

    39. Barry Jenkins:

    Cruel. Not what I want to say right now. But certainly how I feel. Cruel. Just... so cruel.

    40. Jordan Peele:

    RIP John Singleton. So sad to hear. John was a brave artist and a true inspiration. His vision changed everything.

    41. Robert Townsend:

    My prayers go out today to John Singleton and his family. May God bless the young cinematic king who gave us images that will stay with us forever.🙏🏽

    42. Chance The Rapper:

    Rest up John Singleton. We never met, but Remember The Time literally changed my life. Thank you so much. God Bless you

    43. Tracy Y. Oliver:

    Don't know if there's a kid or teen in the 90s who didn't know Boyz in the Hood. That John Singleton wrote and directed it at age 24 is unbelievable to me. What a talent and voice. Thanks for what you did to pave the way for the next class of black artists. #ripjohnsingleton

    44. Cole Hauser, who starred in Higher Learning and 2 Fast 2 Furious:

    We will miss this a amazing human and creative spirt. Thank my friend for the story’s and friendship you have shared. Love ya! Rest In Peace

    45. Mayim Bialik:

    RIP John Singleton. He was the first African American AND the youngest person to ever be nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards. Incredible talent. He will be missed.