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    Gucci Mane Just Got Married And Here Are A Bunch Of Hilarious Tweets That Had Us Crying Laughing

    "Who getting married?" "Uncle Gucci and Auntie Keyshia!"

    This is Gucci Mane, one of the founding fathers of trap music, and that stunning earth angel beside him is beauty entrepreneur Keyshia Ka'oir. The longtime couple tied the knot last night on live TV, officially becoming Mr. and Mrs. Davis.

    And lots of big shot celebs like Big Sean and Jhene Aiko came out.

    @BigSean / Via Twitter: @BigSean

    As did OGs like Diddy and Rick Ross.

    @lildom911 / Via Twitter: @lildom911

    And yes that is a Wingstop cup in Rick Ross' hand.

    I mean, YOU were probably even at the wedding too.

    @TheShanericaB / Via Twitter: @TheShanericaB

    You probably had your outfit all lined up, as per the required all-white dress code...

    @Dsquar3d_Durant / Via Twitter: @Dsquar3d_Durant

    ...And posted up on the curb early so the UBER wouldn't miss you.

    @Kick2Tymes / Via Twitter: @Kick2Tymes

    Or maybe the wedding planner folks messed up your address and the invitation never came.

    @eziohaya7 / Via Twitter: @eziohaya7

    It's cool. Atlanta ain't really that big.

    @LudaChris_ / Via Twitter: @LudaChris_

    So you made it to the venue, only for the doorman to disrespectfully try you.

    When they tell me my name not on the guest list for the #TheManeEvent

    @bhrisitanmingle / Via Twitter: @bhrisitanmingle

    That's probably when you decided to just walk in like the boss ass b***h you truly are...

    Walking into the wedding like I have a invitation like 😂😂#TheManeEvent

    @darick2x / Via Twitter: @darick2x

    ...Only to get kicked TF out.

    Me running out the wedding when someone say “who tf is that??” #TheManeEvent

    @HeavenKapri / Via Twitter: @HeavenKapri

    So you sat your delusional ass down on the couch...

    On my way to #TheManeEvent thank you @gucci1017 and @KeyshiaKaoir for the invite! ❤️

    @KhadiDon / Via Twitter: @KhadiDon

    ...Turned on BET...

    @mynameisjillian / Via Twitter: @mynameisjillian

    ...Joined in the prayers for this blessed union...

    @EyeconicPA / Via Twitter: @EyeconicPA

    ...And proceeded to watch the most magnificent fairytale that we all deserve.

    #TheManeEvent How is this so elegant yet ghetto at the same time?

    @f8rina / Via Twitter: @f8rina

    (Minus the 162532156243 commercial breaks.)

    It's supposed to be live so how tf we on commercial #TheManeEvent

    @johnZirker / Via Twitter: @johnZirker

    You saw Guwop prove that you can be the hardest unfuckwitable boss but also lovey-dovey and emotional.

    @KarenCivil / Via Twitter: @KarenCivil

    You saw Keyshia walk down the aisle with a bouquet that'd probably get Sallie Mae to stop calling.

    @CartierBenet / Via Twitter: @CartierBenet

    And you saw the beauty that is black love.

    @MarshSoMello / Via Twitter: @MarshSoMello


    Vine: Mtg / Via

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