This Student Just Shared An Insanely Easy Way To Wear A Graduation Cap Over Big Hair

    Because you gon' get this fro!!!

    Meet college student Chizi Duru.

    She's one of those super talented multihyphenate millenials who balances her Biology major studies while running a popular beauty and lifestyle vlog and Instagram page.

    The 21-year-old recently shared an ingenious way for her fellow seniors to wear their graduation caps while still rocking a full head of curls.

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    "I got a lot of requests from my followers on what to do with their hair so their graduation cap could fit," Chizi told BuzzFeed. "The bobby pin trick could work, but I wanted to present another option."

    Her solution? Taping a headband inside the cap...

    ...and then taping over the edges to hold the headband in place.

    (It should look like this.)

    And voila!

    A lot of people have been calling Chizi a life saver, and we'd have to agree.

    She saved this guy from having to cut it all off.

    And she prolly saved countless curls from unnecessary heat damage.

    Some folks even consider the brilliant beauty DIY to be a pretty revolutionary statement.

    Hats off to you, Chizi!!!