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    This Student Just Shared An Insanely Easy Way To Wear A Graduation Cap Over Big Hair

    Because you gon' get this fro!!!

    Meet college student Chizi Duru.

    @chiziduru / Via

    She's one of those super talented multihyphenate millenials who balances her Biology major studies while running a popular beauty and lifestyle vlog and Instagram page.

    Chizi Duru/Youtube / Via

    Homegirl is at 97K+ subscribers and climbing.

    The 21-year-old recently shared an ingenious way for her fellow seniors to wear their graduation caps while still rocking a full head of curls.

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    "I got a lot of requests from my followers on what to do with their hair so their graduation cap could fit," Chizi told BuzzFeed. "The bobby pin trick could work, but I wanted to present another option."

    Her solution? Taping a headband inside the cap...

    Chizi Duru/Youtube / Via

    ...and then taping over the edges to hold the headband in place.

    Chizi Duru/Youtube / Via

    (It should look like this.)

    Chizi Duru/Youtube / Via

    And voila!

    Chizi Duru/Youtube / Via

    Mission accomplished.

    A lot of people have been calling Chizi a life saver, and we'd have to agree.

    @mayasutton_/Twitter / Via Twitter: @mayasutton_

    She saved this guy from having to cut it all off.

    @golden_vnicorn/twitter / Via Twitter: @golden_vnicorn

    And she prolly saved countless curls from unnecessary heat damage.

    @justlyssten/Twitter / Via Twitter: @justlyssten

    Some folks even consider the brilliant beauty DIY to be a pretty revolutionary statement.

    @AriannaEditrix / Via Twitter: @AriannaEditrix

    Hats off to you, Chizi!!!

    Chizi Duru/Youtube / Via