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Here's One Totally Surprising Thing You Probably Never Knew About Wonder Woman

She's got a twin sista.

We’re all pretty much familiar with Wonder Woman, star superhero in this new record-breaking movie that ~everyone~ is talking about, right?

Clay Enos

She's princess of the Amazons, daughter of Hippolyta and doer of badassery.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

Buuuut, did you know she's got a twin sister?

@BlackLoisLane / Via Twitter: @BlackLoisLane

Meet Nubia AKA Wonder Woman of Earth-23.

DC Comics

***SPOILER ALERT*** According to Comic Vine, Queen Hippolyta created both of her daughters at the same time, using black clay for Nubia and white clay for Diana/Wonder Woman. The twin sisters were then brought to life by the Greek goddess Aphrodite.

She’s a badass Amazon warrior with one helluva backstory. She may not get the same attention as her twin sis, but she's been around since 1973, and her superpowers include flying and hella crazy strength.

Ramona Fradon for "Super Friends" #25 (October 1979) / Via, John McCrea for "Wonder Woman" (Vol. 2) #154 / Via

So naturally, the people wanna see Nubia on the big screen and we're here for it!

@Kofimagne / Via Twitter: @Kofimagne

You've got folks sketching what a modern-day Nubia might look like.

Marcus Williams/@marcusthevisual / Via

Comic book artist Marcus Williams drew this killer version of a modern-day Nubia for those who didn't already know of her existence in the DC universe. “Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins made an obvious conscious effort to make the Amazons very diverse despite the traditional Greek origin," Marcus told BuzzFeed. "This resonated with me well and inspired me to focus on…the very real possibility of seeing Nubia [in the sequel.]”

While others are busy pitching their fave actresses for the job. There's been buzz about Rutina Wesley...

Rutina says she's down to play Nubia btw.

...Serena "The G.O.A.T." Williams...

@BrandonMatsalia / Via Twitter: @BrandonMatsalia


@oscharles / Via Twitter: @oscharles

...Gina Torres...

@Karnythia / Via Twitter: @Karnythia

...Rosario Dawson...

@msenw / Via Twitter: @msenw

...and Nicole Beharie.

@MythicJill / Via Twitter: @MythicJill

Ball's in your court, Hollywood!!!

Kluermoi/Youtube / Via
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