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Here's One Totally Surprising Thing You Probably Never Knew About Wonder Woman

She's got a twin sista.

We’re all pretty much familiar with Wonder Woman, star superhero in this new record-breaking movie that ~everyone~ is talking about, right?

She's princess of the Amazons, daughter of Hippolyta and doer of badassery.

Buuuut, did you know she's got a twin sister?

Meet Nubia AKA Wonder Woman of Earth-23.

She’s a badass Amazon warrior with one helluva backstory. She may not get the same attention as her twin sis, but she's been around since 1973, and her superpowers include flying and hella crazy strength.

So naturally, the people wanna see Nubia on the big screen and we're here for it!

You've got folks sketching what a modern-day Nubia might look like.

While others are busy pitching their fave actresses for the job. There's been buzz about Rutina Wesley...

...Serena "The G.O.A.T." Williams...


...Gina Torres...

...Rosario Dawson...

...and Nicole Beharie.

Ball's in your court, Hollywood!!!

  1. Who should play Nubia?

    Who should play Nubia?

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Who should play Nubia?
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    Gina Torres
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    Rutina Wesley
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    Serena Williams
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    Rosario Dawson
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    Nicole Beharie