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    17 Young Black Queens Whose Incredible Hairstyles Will Definitely Make You Say "GOALS!"

    Looking for your next natural hair style? Say no more!

    1. I can't stop staring at this bold braid and those Rapunzel curls.

    2. *Googles "Threading hairstylists near me"* because I need this incredible style IMMEDIATELY!!!

    3. Can we take a second to soak in all this #blackgirlmagic that's happening in this style?

    4. Then again, a simple twist and tuck situation can be just as magical! EXHIBIT A:

    5. And exhibit B:

    6. Stunning, protective, and precise, Fulani braids can do it ALL! That includes this perfect afro puffs combo...

    7. ...This expert braids-bantu knot mash-up...

    8. ...and these lustrous loose curls.

    9. All the other ponytails reading this post right now are SHOOOOOK!!!

    10. Meanwhile, this geometric beauty is a masterpiece at EVERY angle.

    11. As is this seriously soothing work of art.

    12. Here's a perfect example of how a little accessorizing can go a long way...

    13. ...Like these dainty gold cuffs...

    14. ...This regal crown...

    15. ...And these simple gold wires.

    16. Let's not forget about the iconic black girl hair duo: barrettes and bows.

    17. And don't sleep on the power of a simple hair tie.

    So what have we learned, class? Black girls + dope hairstyles = style inspo for dayssss!