Gabrielle Union And Dwyane Wade Were Full-On Stans While Their Young Son Marched In Miami Beach Pride, So, Yes, These Happy Tears Are REAL

    "We support each other with Pride."

    So, Miami Beach Pride happened this past weekend, but I basically felt like I was there thanks to Gabrielle Union's turnt Instagram story.

    Her husband, Miami Heat hero Dwyane Wade, wasn't there (he was balling against the Raptors in Toronto), but that didn't stop him from sharing some premium content on his own Instagram story, which brings me to the next photo...

    It turns out Dwyane's 11-year-old son Zion was marching in the parade...

    ...and Gabi, his brothers, and other loved ones were all right there cheering him on!

    Zion's older brother Zaire also jumped on the IG story train to celebrate the moment. "Love you lil bro no matter what," he wrote. "Gotcha back kid. Support gang!"

    Everyone just looked so happy and proud that I started cheesing my own damn self and haven't stopped ever since!!! "We support each other with Pride," Dwyane wrote.

    Just to be clear, Zion hasn't publicly spoken about his sexual orientation, which is perfectly A-OKAY!!! It's just dope to see a family show unconditional love and support to one another, regardless.

    Apparently Twitter feels the same: "Every kid deserves to be accepted and supported and loved like this."

    Unbelievably heartwarming. Every kid deserves to be accepted and supported and loved like this. One of the many examples of Wade & Union being just plain good people.

    "I can't imagine having had this kind of support as a kid (or even young adult)."

    Dwayne Wade and Gabby Union supporting young Zion at Miami Pride is so beautiful, I could cry. I can’t imagine having had this type of support as a kid (or even young adult). Amazing example of living in and showing unconditional love 💕

    "Supporting their child no matter what. THRIVING as parents."

    I mf stan Dwayne Wade & gabrielle mf union. Supporting their child no matter what. THRIVING as parents

    Oh and you KNOW the party don't start 'til Shady Baby comes through, but lucky for Miami Beach Pride, Kaavia was out in full force for her first-ever Pride parade!!!