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    I Finally Figured Out How To Apply Fake Eyelashes Thanks To This $6 Amazon Tool

    This fake eyelash applicator tool is everything I needed and more.

    Waddup, world? Patrice, As/Is beauty writer, here. I LOVE me some fake lashes, but I've never been able to apply them without gluing my eyes shut >_<. I blame my extra curly lashes, which refuse to let any falsies rest on them without a fight. #petty

    Patrice Peck/BuzzFeed


    Patrice Peck/BuzzFeed

    So I literally searched "How to apply fake lashes on curly lashes" on YouTube and eventually discovered the answer to my prayers: the Yueton 3-in-1 Makeup Eyelash Tool! Tons of beauty vloggers with similar #curlylashstruggles swear by this lil' dude.

    Patrice Peck/BuzzFeed

    Not only will this tool hold down your lashes as you apply your falsies, but you can also use it to avoid smudging your eye area while applying mascara and to comb out any lingering clumps. Shout out to Kemiixo for putting me on!!!

    Here's how I tested it out: first, I applied some mascara on top of my upper lash line to form a flatter resting place for the incoming falsies.

    Patrice Peck/BuzzFeed

    If you want to achieve an even straighter, downwards-pointing lash, some beauty vloggers like Keira Anya recommend using a lash curler in reverse. Yes, it's looks as tricky as it sounds, which is why I skipped this hack, so PUHLEASE be careful if you decide to try.

    Then, I prepped my Eylure Faux Mink Eye Baroque Lash with a thin strip of glue, and placed the Yueton tool over my natural lashes to gently hold them down.

    Patrice Peck/BuzzFeed

    Oh yeah, I also put on some eyeliner right before this to conceal the black lash strip. It's something I always try to do when wearing falsies.

    Next, I placed the falsie as close to the center of my real lash line as possible, adjusting the ends accordingly...

    Patrice Peck/BuzzFeed

    Lots of makeup experts and beauty vloggers apply lashes with tweezers, but I've found that my fingertips are much steadier and, obviously, much easier to move. Regardless, you should always wash your hands before applying falsies, because infections are NOT cute, okay?


    Patrice Peck/BuzzFeed

    No glued-together eyelids, just bomb-ass lashes.

    My fake lash dreams are now a reality, y'all!!! Are there any makeup tools that you swear by? Lemme know in the comment section below and maybe I'll try it out in an upcoming As/Is post!

    Patrice Peck/BuzzFeed

    Get a double set of Yueton's 3-in-1 Makeup Eyelash Tools for $5.99 and Eylure Faux Mink Eye Lashes in Baroque for $9.84 (both at Amazon).

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