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    Here's The One Beauty Product You Need If You Wanna Do A Glossy Lid But Have No Idea

    Fun fact: it's also a multipurpose product! #morelooksforone

    Hiya! Patrice, As/Is beauty writer, here. Have you ever looked at a fancy-ass eye makeup ~lewk~ and thought, "ZAMNNN! I wish I had enough patience and skills to do that"? Same, girl! / Via Touchstone Pictures

    Well, I recently discovered Danessa Myricks ColorFix 24hr Color, an amazing multipurpose product that'll help every lazy beauty addict unleash their inner makeup artist. The best part? You can create a hella glam look in about three minutes using *drumroll puhlease* your FINGERS!

    Patrice Peck / BuzzFeed

    Y'all this shimmering disco ball beat took like two minutes tops! Color me shooketh.

    Get ColorFix in Odyssey at Danessa Myricks Beauty for $18.

    These life-savers are available in 60 gorgeous shades and three finishes—cream, metallic, and glaze. While they come in bite-sized packaging, they're insanely pigmented so all you need is a teensy drop to pack a major punch.

    Patrice Peck / BuzzFeed

    I've always been obsessed with the high-fashion glossy lid look but never attempted it cuz it looked like it required techniques outside of my expertise TBQH. But then I layered some ColorFix Glaze in Kaleidoscope on top of the show-stopping hot pink Chosen and BOOM! I present to you, America's Next Top Makeup Artist.

    I was worried the glaze would either feel sticky, but NOPE! Everything felt comfortable. The only thing to keep in mind is that, after a few hours, the gloss does cause the color to move around and possibly crease, so maybe skip the gloss if that's an issue or only apply it after the base color has completely dried.

    Get ColorFix in Chosen and Kaleidoscope at Danessa Myricks Beauty for $18 each.

    Once I saw how easy it was to create a glossy look, I decided to boss TF up and try the bane of every lazy makeup addict's existence: the smokey eye! I decided on Magnetic, a gorgeous metallic turquoise, for my base.

    Patrice Peck / BuzzFeed

    Full disclosure: I did use a q-tip for better precision and control along the bottom waterline areas.

    Get ColorFix in Magnetic at Danessa Myricks Beauty for $18.

    Then I layered Rebel, a black glaze, on the lids only, making sure to stop at the crease, and applied some black liner on my waterline to bring everything together.

    Patrice Peck / BuzzFeed

    Like most cream eye shadows, ColorFix dries pretty quickly, so it's important to (1) start off with a tiny amount of product and then gradually add more, especially if you're using it for the first time, and (2) SMUDGE FOR YOUR LIFE! If you're using your fingers, then try to designate one or two fingers to heavy application and one or two others to smudging. That way you can control the layering. Worst case scenario, the product comes off easily with basic makeup remover (even though it really does last up to 24 hours!), so feel free to correct and adjust as you go along.

    Get ColorFix Glaze in "Rebel" at Danessa Myricks Beauty for $18.

    Are y'all seeing what I'm seeing? I still can't believe that I pulled this rockstar smokey eye off in six minutes using only my fingers and a Q-tip! Long story short, ColorFix will have you out here thinking you're a certified makeup artist IRL.

    Patrice Peck / BuzzFeed


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