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Here Are All The Things BuzzFeed's Beauty Team Was Legit Obsessed With In 2017

Here's what we're mos def taking into 2018!

Washpoppin, beauty lovers??? 😝 Patrice, Daniela, and Essence, BuzzFeed's beauty team, here. Because we get SO many products, we wanted to let you all know our absolute favorites for 2017!

1. Too Cool For School's All-In-One Egg Mellow Cream is one of the very few skin care products that's given me high-key gorgeous results in, like, a week!

2. I've been wearing Fenty foundation for two months now, and almost every day someone compliments my skin.

3. This AOA $1 lipstick is my favorite, and it should be yours, too.

4. Au Naturale Luminous Creme Bronzer Stick in Trailblazer and Clionadh Cosmetics Highlighter in Creamsicle catch every single damn ray of light that hits my face.

5. My skin feels so smooth after Neogen's lemon exfoliating pads, and they help to fade dark spots.

6. ÀTOI's soothing milk cleanser follows a ~French formula~ that has changed my skin and the way I clean my face.

7. You honestly can't tell me I'm not a QUEEN when I'm rocking The Great I Am head wrap from Royal House of Wraps .

8. I hardly ever wear lashes, but when I do, I choose Black Moon's Aquarius.

9. Alma Aromatherapy's clay mask gives my skin the detox it needs after a long week of wearing makeup, and being exposed to NYC pollution.

10. I LOVE being best-dressed, but I HATE shopping for special occasions. So I hit up Rent the Runway when I'm feeling lazy, but also bougie.

11. This lighting sucks, but trust that the Sanem dress by House of CB is the dress of all dresses!

12. This Pai Pai semi-matte lipstick called Piloncillo, has become my go-to everyday lipstick.

13. Say it loud and proud, James Brown-style, with this HGC Apparel Black By Popular Demand Sweatshirt.

14. So $43 sounds like a lot until you realize you'll never have to buy another shower cap again, and this one actually works!

15. The Henry Charles Large Deluxe cosmetic bag will turn any makeup hoarder into an organized person.


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