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Here Are All The Things BuzzFeed's Beauty Team Was Legit Obsessed With In 2017

Here's what we're mos def taking into 2018!

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Get into our previous review of this $1 makeup brand if you want to get to know us a little better.

Washpoppin, beauty lovers??? 😝 Patrice, Daniela, and Essence, BuzzFeed's beauty team, here. Because we get SO many products, we wanted to let you all know our absolute favorites for 2017!

Daniela Cadena

1. Too Cool For School's All-In-One Egg Mellow Cream is one of the very few skin care products that's given me high-key gorgeous results in, like, a week!

Patrice Peck

Thanks to the 10-step Korean beauty routine which I adopted this fall, I've been introduced to game-changing skin care methods like double cleansing and AH-MAH-ZING products like All-In-One Egg Mellow Cream. The latter gives my skin a serious Gabrielle Union-level glow IRL, so sorry old face lotion, I'm NEVER coming backkk!

Get it from Sephora for $36. —Patrice Peck

2. I've been wearing Fenty foundation for two months now, and almost every day someone compliments my skin.

Essence Gant

My favorite thing about this foundation is that it's UNBELIEVABLY lightweight, even when you build it for max coverage. It also makes your skin look flawless all day, even if you apply it at 9:00 a.m. and stumble through the door at 2:00 a.m the next day. #stopjudgingme

Get it from Sephora for $34. (I wear shade 420 in the center, and 430 on the perimeter. Or just 420 all over when I'm lazy.) —Essence Gant

3. This AOA $1 lipstick is my favorite, and it should be yours, too.

This lipstick is highly pigmented, and long-lasting, but the best part is its price: ONE DOLLAR!!! I was skeptical at first, but I wore it for a review once, and I've been hooked ever since.

Get it from Miss A for $1. —Daniela Cadena

4. Au Naturale Luminous Creme Bronzer Stick in Trailblazer and Clionadh Cosmetics Highlighter in Creamsicle catch every single damn ray of light that hits my face.

Patrice Peck

Whenever I wear these bad boys (which is everyday TBH) I usually put Trailblazer on my browbones, cheekbones, and nose first, and then I top those areas off with some Creamsicle. In the GIF above, I swatched—from left to right—Trailblazer, Creamsicle, and then both of them together.

Get them from Au Naturale for $35 and Clionadh Cosmetics for $15.

5. My skin feels so smooth after Neogen's lemon exfoliating pads, and they help to fade dark spots.

I was first put onto these after a month-long Korean skin care review (you can check it out here!). I was an instant fan after how smooth my skin felt, and I noticed that my hyperpigmentation from period breakouts was starting to fade, too. I think the lemon really helped with that.

Get it from SokoGlam for $27.

6. ÀTOI's soothing milk cleanser follows a ~French formula~ that has changed my skin and the way I clean my face.


How it works:

1- Apply two teaspoons of cleanser on your face and neck, and instead of rinsing it off, remove it by using a wet piece of cotton or washcloth.

2- Repeat step one at least twice.

3- Apply toner, moisturizer, eye cream, and voilà.

Get it from ÀTOI for $30.50.

7. You honestly can't tell me I'm not a QUEEN when I'm rocking The Great I Am head wrap from Royal House of Wraps .

Patrice Peck

This colorful, bold wrap upgrades any and every outfit, from casual wear to seriously formal ~lewks~. I get stopped ALL THE TIME because people always wanna know where I got it from!

Get it from The Royal House of Wraps for $35.

8. I hardly ever wear lashes, but when I do, I choose Black Moon's Aquarius.

Essence Gant

I mean, one must admit that ya girl's lashes are POPPIN'! They're easy to apply, and they didn't irritate my eyes at all. WINNIN'!

Get them from Black Moon for $12.

9. Alma Aromatherapy's clay mask gives my skin the detox it needs after a long week of wearing makeup, and being exposed to NYC pollution.


Every time my skin starts looking a little tired and dull, I put this mask on. I immediately see smoother, brighter results. It's great for all skin types, but beware, it can get a bit itchy as it starts to dry.

Get it from Alma Aromatherapy for $22.

10. I LOVE being best-dressed, but I HATE shopping for special occasions. So I hit up Rent the Runway when I'm feeling lazy, but also bougie.

Patrice Peck

Rent the Runway has made it possible for me to look Instagram-ready at the Emmys, the Glamour Woman of the Year awards, and BuzzFeed's holiday party without having to suffer a major meltdown. Yes, I have to return them, but I'd rather be cute, sane, and minimalist at the end of the day! My fave features of the website include seeing pics of how the dresses look on real customers who share their height, bra size, and body type.

Get (from left to right) Cynthia Rowley's Rainbow Sequin Mod Shift Dress for $80, Solace London's Dorado Print Dress for $100, and Halston Heritage Antique Silver Lucy Gown for $75. Rent here.

11. This lighting sucks, but trust that the Sanem dress by House of CB is the dress of all dresses!

Essence Gant

Online, this dress is a long ankle-length maxi, but when I got it, it stopped right below the knee. Ordinarily I would have been pissed, but I put it on and felt like Beyoncé. People couldn't stop talking about my red leather number!

Get it from House of CB (on sale!!!) for $75.

12. This Pai Pai semi-matte lipstick called Piloncillo, has become my go-to everyday lipstick.

Pai Pai is a Mexican brand inspired by the country's rich culture, and their lipsticks stay on forever! I even drank coffee and tea, and I was pleasantly surprised when I realized there wasn't even a lipstick stain on the mug. I'm wearing the shade Piloncillo here.

Get it from Pai Pai for $13.55.

13. Say it loud and proud, James Brown-style, with this HGC Apparel Black By Popular Demand Sweatshirt.

Tian Jun Gu

This year has been EXTRA trying across the board, so I looked to beauty and fashion to shine some extra light on those cloudy days. Items like this Martin-esque sweatshirt not only help me to stand a little bit taller, but also seemed to brighten other people's days, too.

Get it from HGC Apparel for $56.99.

14. So $43 sounds like a lot until you realize you'll never have to buy another shower cap again, and this one actually works!

Essence Gant

Shhhower Cap is is a line of water-repellant shower caps that have a no-slip band that fits securely around your head. I wore mine when my natural hair was straightened, desperate to not get my hair wet, and it worked better than any other cap I've ever used. EVER!

Get it from Shhhower Cap for $43. More colors and prints available.

15. The Henry Charles Large Deluxe cosmetic bag will turn any makeup hoarder into an organized person.

It is a bit pricey, but I honestly think feeling this organized is worth every penny. I put it to the test and stuffed it with what I had in three of my makeup bags, and everything fit perfectly. They also have smaller, more affordable bags in case you're looking for something different.

Get it from Henry Charles for $138.



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