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    17 Stunning Pics That Prove Brides Can Rock Bright Hair Color

    For better or for worse, from this slay forward.

    1. This timeless cherry updo.

    2. These enchanting coral waves.

    3. This royal purple crown braid.

    4. This bad-ass ombre faux-hawk.

    5. And this lovely two-toned mohawk.

    6. This cotton candy pixie.

    7. This vintage crimson masterpiece.

    8. This vibrant rainbow dream.

    9. This stunning color-coordinated vision.

    10. This fiery red work of art.

    11. This bohemian turquoise 'do.

    12. And these smokey lavender strands.

    13. This pretty pink pin-up look.

    14. These gorgeous vampy locks.

    15. This dreamy silver style.

    16. This pastel peekaboo moment.

    17. And this bold splash of turquoise.