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    11 Truly Pure Men Who Are Learning Beauty For Their Partners

    "She wanted me to help her make her wig so bad...fellas wasn't as bad as I thought it would be lmao."

    1. This boyfriend who was introduced to the wide, wide world of drugstore makeup.

    2. And this fellow makeup shopper who also tried his very, very best.

    3. This boyfriend who just wanted to make his sad gf's day better.

    4. This boyfriend who wants only the best brushes for his bae.

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    5. And this husband who understands that every makeup collection needs a proper home.

    My sisters husband turned a closet into a vanity for her. I NEED ME A MAN LIKE THAT

    6. This boyfriend who helped keep his girl's pores clean and clear.

    When she's too drunk to remove her make up, you do it for her 😬

    7. And this keeper whose commitment to skin care is turning me on TBQH.

    He’s a keeper if he does your skincare routine when u dead ✨

    *Sends tweet to my own bae

    8. This boyfriend who rocked a wig so his girl could snatch yours.

    She wanted me to help her make her wig so bad 🙄... fellas wasn't as bad as I thought it would be lmao 😂

    9. This husband who saved his wife some money cuz "FIFTY DOLLARS MY ASS!!!"

    Get you a husband that knows how to take down your hair 😍😍😩🙌🏽🙏🏽

    10. This hubby whose daily dedication to styling his love's hair will make you happy-cry like a grown ass baby.

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    11. And this bf who just went ahead and bought his girl a whole-ass hair salon.