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17 Seriously Stunning Bobs That Prove Long Hair Isn't The Only Way

Hide your scissors before clicking on this post.

1. TFW you gotta give folks a minute to stop gagging over your cut. / Via Instagram

2. This platinum 'do is perfectly tousled and we want the tutorial ASAP! / Via Instagram

3. Box braids in half the time, but with twice the fly. / Via Instagram

4. Bobs are already next-level but when you add some cherry vibes... / Via Instagram

5. ...Or juicy purple hues... / Via Instagram

6. ...Or sickening neon shades, it's OVER for all you other haircuts! / Via Instagram

7. The timeless style also pairs perfectly with retro bangs... / Via Instagram

8. ...And bejeweled faux locs, too. / Via @kimeidstyles

9. You'll never find a more versatile haircut tbh.

Instagram: @rach_dfwu

10. *Kisses fingers* / Via Instagram

11. Bobs are basically the MVPs cuz they're not too long... / Via Instagram

12. ...They're not too short... / Via Instagram

13. ...They're juuust right. / Via Instagram

14. I mean, get into the absolute perfection that is this hair flip. / Via Instagram

15. And this wavy ombre dream? WANT!!! / Via Instagram

16. What better way to frame your face? / Via Instagram

17. Simply tilt your head and BAM! Instant slayage. / Via Instagram
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