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    17 Seriously Stunning Bobs That Prove Long Hair Isn't The Only Way

    Hide your scissors before clicking on this post.

    1. TFW you gotta give folks a minute to stop gagging over your cut.

    2. This platinum 'do is perfectly tousled and we want the tutorial ASAP!

    3. Box braids in half the time, but with twice the fly.

    4. Bobs are already next-level but when you add some cherry vibes...

    5. ...Or juicy purple hues...

    6. ...Or sickening neon shades, it's OVER for all you other haircuts!

    7. The timeless style also pairs perfectly with retro bangs...

    8. ...And bejeweled faux locs, too.

    9. You'll never find a more versatile haircut tbh.

    10. *Kisses fingers*

    11. Bobs are basically the MVPs cuz they're not too long...

    12. ...They're not too short...

    13. ...They're juuust right.

    14. I mean, get into the absolute perfection that is this hair flip.

    15. And this wavy ombre dream? WANT!!!

    16. What better way to frame your face?

    17. Simply tilt your head and BAM! Instant slayage.